Saturday, October 27, 2012

Changes In Attitude

But no changes in latitude.  We stayed.  Logging 12 to 14 hours on 95 in two days seemed overwhelming.  Especially with pre storm jitters.

The last time we drove back in a tropical storm, the road crews were using snow plows to keep the roads clear of water.

Times like that call for a xanax. 

So we're here doing the prestorm workout.  Shoppng Trader Joes with 100's of our closest friends.Stuffed acorn squash is in our near future.

We bought batteries, matches,candles and shower curtain liners.

GG is mowing the yard and we're storing the pots and trellises in the basement.  Hanging baskets will come down and hopefully the kittens can be wrangled inside.

I'm about to do a big cutback of annuals and a few remaining perennial flowers. Plus I bought a few roses home from the shop. This begs the question, should we party on as usual on Monday?

I'm going for it. I'll post late Sunday night and pray for power on Monday.

Come on by, I have lots of food and the Lab loves company.

Game on?



  1. Hope the storm will not be too bad Jane. Take care!

    Love the flowers!!!

    Madelief x

  2. Sensible people, staying home. The kittens need you - cats go a bit silly in windy weather, so imagine what they'll be like in a full-blown storm!

  3. Good idea, this one is too scary. We're ready; food water bread milk and wine wise,elevating everything in the basement and praying for a fast hard right.Disregard my previous comment on your previous post...wave anyway. Stay dry. See you Monday, hopefully.

  4. Am so sorry you are missing the festivities, and so glad you hunkered down! Am cheating, but im in for monday. Xo

  5. Good idea to batten down. Hope you keep your electricity to get the party started right.

  6. When I first read it, I thought you meant you were staying in CT through the storm. Sorry you are missing it, but glad you are staying cozy at home. I'm up for FITH Monday. Beautiful flowers!

  7. The weather is sounding ominous! Hope it's just a storm in a teacup! x

  8. In. And glad you and Sandy aren't planning a freeway rendez-vous. xx

  9. Stay in and safe from the storm.

  10. Up here on the hill and across from the National Cathedral PEPCO was actually responsible enough to bury the power lines, so if you and your people lose power please don't hesitate to shoot off some flares or whatever and we will come to your wi-fi and playlist rescue. Besides, I still have a ton of leftover birthday cake...

  11. I just came across your blog and I love it. Your pics are gorgeous. I am now your newest follower and looking forward to your next postings...
    Stay safe from the storm.

  12. If the storm doesn't blow my garden away...