Monday, October 22, 2012

A Seasonal Disorder

Our house faces East and if the sun is shining and the skies are blue with a touch of wind, it always feels like spring.

Especially when you're planting pansies, picking lettuce and smell like sun screen.

But then you look to the left and instead of wearing bright pink blossoms the ornamental plum is covered in red leaves.

Backed by the limelight hydrangeas now blushed with pink and hanging under the weight of their heads.

The front door is sporting a rose hip wreath.

And the stoop: a new welcome mat.

Come on, how many posts did you think I'd write without an animal in it? 

If you said one you're correct.


  1. LOVE the wreath. you are too darn clever by far! xoxo

  2. Wow! If I need a rose hip replacement, I know who to call.

  3. Those are the nicest hips...I can't believe your hydrangea still has some green, oh right you're South. I think I missed the post without the animal in it.

  4. Wow, what a super looking front door wreath... and the kittie isn't bad either.

  5. Oh how the kitty is growing. It feels like spring here. The temps have been in the 80s for the last few days. Love the wreath. Have a wonderful week. Bonnie

  6. Great wreath. Nothing like getting your hands in the earth, planting and harvesting in the sunshine! x

  7. The light is the same, huh? I love those pansies. Did you make that wreath? I'd better get something together for you-know-who!

    1. No,it's from Brannan Street Wholesale. You know I'm crap with any kind of project that involves wire. Corsages, wreaths, uh huh. That's why we have wholesalers and co-workers.

  8. Hello Jane

    Your rose hip wreath is absolutely breath-taking. I can imagine the work and care that went into make this masterpiece. The cat has found a perfect spot.

    Helen x

  9. Lovely evocation of the seasons, kitty & home.

  10. Oh quelles jolie fotos!!! :O)
    Et le chat il est mignons !!! :O)

    Bonne journée!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  11. Your photos are gorgeous...such beautiful light. I assumed you made that rose hip wreath, but I see in the comments that you did not. It's pretty amazing...your sweet kitty seems to approve of the new doormat.

  12. Lovely Post...
    Beautiful images..
    Pretty cool that they are Spring or Fall...

    Linda :o)

  13. I need those pretty lettuces. I'll make a salad to go with our soup tonight. I'm on my way...

  14. Love these photos and the colors : )

  15. Loving that wreath!And your Hydrangeas look great, too.