Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vaguely Vegetarian

I'm home from work a little early and snacking on some delicious leftover soba noodles with tahini-nut sauce and summer garden vegetables.

Truthfully I had a moment with the soba noodles and had to substitute farfalla, but noodles smoodles it's still good.  How good?

So good you don't regret heating up the house with a pan of boiling water, good.

The next night(s) we had quinoa salads with avocado, ripe tomatoes, black beans or garbanzo beans, a bell pepper and  a hand full of garden herbs, scallions and lemon, olive oil, S&P and another ear of corn cut off the cob. 

I don't think I've cooked any corn this summer.  I've barely cooked any food and certainly not any meat, it's too hot and we've been strangely happy just with vegetables.

We do though have one very unhappy puppy dog.  She is no vegetarian her body language says, not even vaguely vegetarian. Picture her flung on the floor, head between her paws, sighing heavily.  Yep, you got it.

But we soldier on.  Meatless in gaza.

I have no food pictures to show you .We are too greedy to point and shoot.  We just sit and eat.

But I think these two recipe suggestions stand on their own and if not here's GG with a cauliflower bouquet from our garden.

Now mangia!


  1. Brilliant pic, and yummy sounding dishes for my healthy eating file!

    The kittens from the last post waaaaaa, I want a cuddle! They are so adorable. Never been entirely sure about cats but smitten with kittens, which is a dreadfully selfish way of looking at felines I suppose and, I guess, the reason we have a dog! Happy August. xx

  2. i like what i'm reading here janie...


  3. Beautiful cauliflower, Jane. We too have gone vegan; don`t miss the meat at all!


    1. Sue, we haven't gone vegan but good on you! We're just enjoying eating seasonally!

  4. ummm... nice are in so much trouble...


  5. Everything sounds delicious. I am a veggie lover in a house full of meat eaters. :( Your dog would love it.
    Love the picture. Dance of the cauliflower fairy?

  6. Now, that's a prize specimen cauliflower and GG looks good too! Love a good veggie dish! Happy weekend to you.. (and how cute are your new Kitties?) So sweet. X

  7. Wonderful cauliflower pose!

    I'm with you. Don't miss the meat much in summer at all. I got some AWESOME tomatoes the other day and I've been eating myself silly on tomato and mayo sandwiches.

  8. Love the cauliflower, and the lovely GG! With a major meat-eater in the house, it ain't gonna happen here, altho I could easily just eat the fresh veggies right now. It's been a great season so far. xoxo

  9. Hello Jane

    Like you, we eat less meat during summer and when vegetables are locally grown and in season, nothing tastes better I love the image of GG and that cauliflower is almost too beautiful to eat.


  10. I'd love to see that bouquet walking down the aisle! pretty much designed itself.

  11. yum ~ i'm so wanting soba noodles and veggjes right now ! xo

  12. Love the picture! Buy that puppy some deli roast beef--she deserves it!

  13. Beautiful cauliflower (and the holder), I'm very impressed. Are you gonna eat it? Get the pup a bone.

  14. I'm with the unhappy puppy...feed me meat...don't mind the odd vegie dish...but I do like my meat....sorry for being so absent lately...had a little break...and have missed your global party...also sorry to hear about Pokey....can relate to losing pets...especially cats with personality!! But on the subject of kittens....oh don't get me started...there is a litter across the road...which I begged to look after whilst the owner is on going over twice a day to play..with my face down on the floor...although quite young, they are not as playful as they should be...they are obviously not played with going out to buy some toys for them this week!! As much as my son begged, I was not tempted...only because we could be moved at any time and I could find it difficult to leave a pet behind with someone else...besides Snoopy (the cat) is home in Melbourne with my daughter waiting for me!! Robx

  15. Just the other day my husband asked me if he had lost weight and when I said yes he asked why. I had to remind him that we've basically been eating nothing but zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, and salads in one form or another since May with hardly any cream or fat in sight. I love summer!

  16. On the way home! Gg