Monday, May 7, 2012

Emil Goes To The Farm

He brought his two aunts, his parents and his grandmother just in from India.  Both labs were invited but as ever it was suggested they stay on leash for the garden tour.

Because while we were introducing Mr. Baby to Geoff and Chuck who have created this garden of eden from acorns and seeds, many of then planted 30 years ago, other critters were preparing a welcome show.

We all looked up.

And around.

We smelled the peonies and iris, lamented over a lost cherry and marveled at all the new beds dug and planted since our last visit.

The blueberry bushes are loaded, the strawberries are just ripe and the 21 tomato plants are in. A small crop this year.

We dined on their asparagus and lettuces.  The pie was appropriately enough strawberry, rhubarb.

And that floor show I hinted at earlier?

First by the long borders.

 Then in back of the hen house.

with the strains of "bend over let me see you shake a tail feather" floating through our minds came the showgirls.

 Follies Broadway, country style.


  1. what a beautiful day. peacocks are so gorgeous. baby is darling too. love the menu!

  2. Looks like a fun place. I'd be drooling too if I knew there were fresh strawbery-rhubarb pie in my future.

  3. I have never seen a white peacock...gorgeous. As is the baby...what lovely lips he has...he's going to be a handsome man...

  4. What fun! A great day in "the country" with baby and his entourage! Glad you had a good day for it. xoxo

  5. Eden, indeed! Lucky Mr. Baby.

  6. oh my goodness- that white peacock is spectacular!!

    I've didn't even know they came in white- I used to want peacocks until I heard them at night, we stayed over in a country cottage next to a tree that they slept in and the slightest disturbance would make them call out, it sounded to me like a baby being tortured- we didn't sleep a wink.

  7. How wonderful... beautiful baby boy and the two lovelies that give literal meaning to "shake your tail feathers!" Your photos are stunning...thanks for sharing.

  8. Is that an albino peacock? Amazing! Mr. baby is growing by leaps and bounds, he has quite the sophisticated air about him.

  9. Janet, It was a very good day.

    Steve, yes, we were all drooling. Luckily I didn't publish those pictures.

    Razmataz, he looks just like his v. handsome father.

    Webb, We were lucky, no rain no humidity, no tears:-)

    Jen, I think having him around will always guarantee us an invitation anywhere. next year the Oscars?

    Karen I know, that screeching noise. they were in heat so we were deafened.

    Susan, Thank you:-)

    Amelia, Indeed he has quite a world weary look to him!

  10. Is that GG? Do we long for a farm? Would I miss city life? Donkeys and peacocks and would Mr. Baby come along?

  11. Shelley, that is GG. And yes we long for a farm. But a farm within walking distance of Starbucks and the library.

    I would need a goat. Mr.Baby would be there for sure.

    Occasionally I would need Thai food delivered. Hmmm.

  12. Hello Jane

    What a very special place. The peacocks must have added the final touch to a perfect day.

    Thanks for sharing


  13. It's like a fairytale, enchanted garden, white peacocks and beautiful babies.

  14. I swear I just read something about albino peacocks, and how they mate for life...or maybe it was a dream? I have no idea. That iris is like a lick of tasty! (Er, pretty!) We, (or I should say I) always have dreamed of a farm...but a Starbucks and library and a few other staples would be more than essential. Sigh. Someday.

  15. An entirely white peacock, I didn't even know they existed. Thank you, Jane, for broadening my horizons.

  16. That white bird is amazing--I've never seen one like that before!

  17. Emil is so handsome! Are the peacocks mean, like geese can be?