Monday, April 2, 2012


Friday night at the gym with the trainer.  " Let's do the whole body" suggested Andrew.  " Great", I enthused , thus ensuring pain in every part of my body for the entire weekend.  But just in case this wasn't enough...

Sunday at home with GG.  Pitchforks in hand, let's go load up the truck with mulch, come home, edge the front beds, cut down the Autumn blooming clematis and the strangely dead Carolina jasmine.  Let's weed, dig up and replant those mystery lilies, move newly sprouted bronze fennel to the front beds and cover everything with a fragrant layer of leaf mulch.

Let's start at 11:00am and finally attempt to straighten up slowly, painfully, almost Neanderthal in appearance about 7:00pm.

 But hey, the sun was shining, the birds singing as if auditioning for a Disney film, the strawberries blooming, the herbs growing, the blueberries berrying.

As Diana Vreeland used to say:

"Why not"?


  1. I always thought gardening was an excuse to not go to the gym. Your pictures make me want to go to the nursery. Here in puritan new england the rule of thumb is no planting before mother's day, but I rarely wait until easter.

  2. you need to come write for me. your words are lovely. so is your garden and i'm assuming your abs too.

  3. Diana must surely be right, as you lived to blog the tale.

  4. sounds like a wonderful to me! I love that 'good tired' feeling after working all day in the garden. It makes me feel so alive.

    I agree with how you write. :)

  5. Hope you will feel younger soon :-)!

    Take care Jane!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  6. honestly - i'm glad i'm not the only one who gets stiff after bending over in the garden most of the day!

    everything looks lovely, and I'm so impressed with all you accomplished.


  7. Good for you...the pain will ease..........eventually. And yes, I've also noticed that the bees are bumbling around, the robins are fact all the birds appear to be madly shagging...and flowers and trees are blooming all over the bleeding place!! You've gotta love spring. Robx

  8. I can almost pull myself out of said neanderthal position to upright. Almost. Still so much to weed...glad I'm not alone.

  9. I hope you're recovering today! Those glimpses of the garden look lovely. It's an exciting time of year for gardeners, isn't it? Hard not to overdo it.

  10. I've been doing a bit each day which makes it easier on the back-thanks to this uncharacteristically warm weather-usually it's a marathon scramble to get everything done. Why bother with the gym and devil trainer?

  11. NOOOOOOOO! I realize that GG is still a sweet young thing, but that was way over the top. Am glad you didn't do permanent damage!

    What is the plant in the last picture? It's lovely! xoxo

  12. Jen, Really I can stop going to the gym? Oh, I think I tried that for a couple of summers. It (I) wasn't pretty.

    Janet, No my abs have fled. Gone to California most likely. Think I'll have a couple of ribs removed in lieu of exercise:-)

    Mise, Yes and Diana's words live on. Why not paint your shed pink,eh?

    Sarah, Funny how far we go to feel alive! but you're right it's endorphin producing.

    Shelley!!! That's right! Blondes, what memories!

    Madelief, Maybe by Easter? xo

    Tera, Thank you. It was such a treat to open the door this morning.

    Rob, Exactly! We'll be finding many nests soon!

    Becca, At least we'll recognize one another from out mutual bent over positions. Cuppa?

    Sharon, Every year the same, right? But it's so rewarding.

    Amelia, The devil trainer has made me stronger and able to carry more and work harden and longer. Can't argue with results!

    Webb, The worst is GG worked longer so had it worse. And was unable to sleep as a result. We don't have a stop button.

    It's a blueberry bush!

  13. Gardening is a good excuse for hanging outside, soaking up the sunshine, listening to birds, and enjoying the company of another gardener. It sounds like you'll be painfully aware of muscles you forgot you have.

  14. You sure do know how to punish yourself....but no doubt it will be in a good cause as your garden moves into Summer!!!!!

  15. 11-7?? I only managed 12-5, and had to soak in the bath for 2 hours after, i am unable to bend down without swearing, but am desperate to get out there tonight after work.

    What is the drug we call gardening

  16. I feel your pain! But with weather like this, how can we not do it?