Friday, March 30, 2012

The Good The Bad And The Smart Phone

God, I haven't been here in so long.  This has been a busy week.  I didn't even have time to put up a 10Things List and  they're so good they're burning a hole in my pocket.  Next week.

I was bursting with news to tell but got to reading all your posts that I have missed out on and I remember why I love blogging.

Not to rehash my life over and over but to dive into yours for a change of perspective.  Refreshing.

Denise of ChezDanisse had this to say about the importance of electronics in her life.  And I sit here nodding my head in agreement as I clutch my new smart phone in my right hand.

I was rather enjoying my 6 year old clamshell phone with no whistles or bows.  But it was unable to hold a full charge for more than 8 hours.  And I had to beg people not to send me pics over the phone cause they all looked like postage stamps.  Cancelled postage stamps. I was about to duct tape a pair of reading glasses to it when the back fell off and broke. Yesterday.

Clenching my teeth, I entered the mall.

Two hours and a good chunk of tax return dollars later I stepped out of the mall fully accessorized and  "technically' able to make a call, send a text, take a picture, read my blog, find a restaurant or respond to an email from a bride.

So far I've jumped into the sky whenever I've heard the new ring....what the hell is that I wonder....turned off the internet, cause wouldn't I rather look out the window of the bus at spring and eavesdrop on people's conversations then read my emails?  Wouldn't I rather saunter down the street stopping to smell the daffodils? Hell yeah.

However, I just answered a call and after I took a minute to play around and found the book icon. A gentle touch and I was able to download  Wuthering Heights.  Does this mean I will never be without reading material again?  Never have to sit in a car while GG runs into the bank or the grocery store fiddling my thumbs?  I'm offered Bronte?  Sold.

As God is my witness this is one smart phone. 

Now if I can just learn to use it.....


  1. I understand your pain!!!! I still am not totally educated. Bonnie

  2. I hate cell phones--period. I have one, but it never rings unless I'm driving!

  3. Congratulations! Books on the phone are awesome. You can read while your foils are heating up! Or at Stoplights.
    Or while waiting for a Cappuccino . I'm blonde again! With a bit o grey!

  4. i have full faith in you my dear.

    i still don't have a cell phone and i hope to keep it that way. but i am a bit jealous over the book thing. that is cool.

  5. Welcome to 2012 Jane. I also got one of these smartypants phones last year after I lost my old one that was taped together, and when the salespeople heard what an outdated model my old one had been, they didn't think I was quite ready for all the bells and whistles. Tried to talk me into something in between, some kind of gateway phone I guess for the technologically challenged. I took to it right away though, but still can't really walk and text properly at the same time like the kids do. Enjoy your new toy.

  6. Don't tell anyone but my cell phone is 9 years old. You have to pull the antenna out to use it. But it works and it holds a charge for weeks.

    I entertain my friends by sitting at dinner pretending to search for things on the internet. I scowl at it because it's not working...until I pull up the antenna. Badda bing. It gets them every time.

    I'm thinking to breaking down and getting a smarter one. Good luck with yours!

  7. My family says I am not allowed to get a smart phone after losing my relatively new cellphone (one without too many bells and whistles, because of needing to have a magnifying glass for most of them) a month ago, and then leaving the ancient one my daughter re-activated in the rental car in Austin. Clearly I am not smart enough for a smart phone! Although... the book icon sounds fun. That Steve! My husband wonders why I am snickering. An antenna. I had forgotten about those.

  8. Oh, my phone died this weekend, whilst travelling, I was a nervous wreck all the way home without it...just in case!!!
    Going to check out a new smart phone on Monday!

  9. I finally got a smartphone last year because my family members text only and my old cell phone was not smart enough to handle that. Now I can read my email, go online, see my blog pictures (I'm afraid to find out how they got in there-I didn't do it)I hate it. There's nothing more annoying than people texting while you're having dinner with them. There is nothing social about this social media device. And read a book on that tiny screen...I'd rather look out the bus window. The picture app is fun though.

  10. This whole electronic thing is so difficult to navigate. Mitchell is smarting away on his phone as I type this, but I really think I want to stay with a plain phone and get a tablet - he already has both of course and they talk to each other and all sorts of stuff. But they seem like duplicates to me.

    Happy you are enjoying it, and am fully confident that you will learn quickly. Anything that makes reading easy get my vote, too. Did you find any new Nancy Drews available?

    App away! xoxo

  11. Just finding your blog through Annie's Lovely things. This post cracked me up. So true. I was the last person to embrace technology. Problem is my husband is a total tech geek engineer and makes sure I have the latest things. When I got my first IPod I thought it was day planner or something.

    Now, just like you, and because I can access Mr Darcy and all my favorite things, I'm hooked!

    Great blog! Love all your flowers too.


  12. An intriguing upside of the smartphone, toting reading material, and my charge is dwindling faster and faster... Change for me may not be so far off.