Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who Can Know

Why Blogger won't allow my 10 Things List to show up on reading lists.....but as ever, right below , is a wonderful list full of books and lipsticks.

Read on.

I have an idea go to The Gardener's Cottage first and click on Janet's link to bring you to the post below.

Crazy.  Clearly i am screwing up when copying and pasting from your emails to this blog.

Any suggestions?


  1. Sorry to say..I see nothing 'right below'. xo

  2. Love Janet too and her no nonsense approach to life is admirable. I love her list and am surprised at our sharing the passion for potatoes...I blame my Irish ancestors!
    I have given up my Starbucks habit for awhile...reno's below decks here at the Humble Bungalow are putting a wrench in our budget!

    BTW I pop in here frequently Jane and I enjoy what you write.

  3. A big blank for me, too. Have you been mean to Blogger - no! of course not! You DID send a valentine or a lovely arrangement, didn't you?

    But if she's a Starbucks kinda girl, I know I am gonna love her! xoxo

  4. Nope. Nothing "below" for me, either. I'm just glad to see you made it thru another Valentines Day!

  5. What's the matter with Blogger just now? Infuriating.

  6. Whenever I have any problems posting, I open Mozilla Firefox browser (I have downloaded that and Chrome, just in case)and go to my blog and then edit posts and do whatever Blogger through Internet Exlporer browser won't let me do then I far it has worked every time. xo

  7. As far as I'm concerned, "lived to tell the tale" pretty much just sums up the story of a florist on Valentine's Day! Glad it was successful, and that we all "survived"!

  8. Oops! I just realized I left the above comment under the wrong post. Meant to comment on your post about having survived Valentine's Day! But, I guess you must have figured that out!

  9. Not sure. But when you cut and paste, don't do it directly into Blogger from gmail. It'll be full of bugs. Paste the text body first into a Text Document. You can open one by Right-clicking on your desktop, choosing New, then Text Document. Once it is there and 'debugged' of Internet weirdness, cut and paste into your Blogger post. Ask for images to be mailed as attachments.