Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's Going On?

Baby what's going on......

There's a lot happening around here.  I'm marinating pork shoulders for the Cuban Roast Pork dish for a coworkers birthday tomorrow.  And I thought it was difficult taking a pie on the bus....others will be bringing bowls of cumin scented rice and black beans.  Christine will make her famous salad and Celinda her hot sauce.

We'll be placing our prebook for Valentine's Day and playing around with some magic. Black magic that is.

And some red hot love.

It's fun to work with us.  Fun and filling.

On a personal note next Monday is our 1st year anniversary of Flowers In The House.  Shall we do it up? 

Now that winter has finally arrived both here and across the pond I think a glimpse of spring or a celebration of winter is in order. 

Join me? 

And if you like join me at Lotte and Bloom today though you already know the answers to the questions I bet:)


  1. Really? Only one year? I'm coming up on two. We should have an anniversary flower party.

    What's a prebook?

  2. Congratulations! I may have to se what I can come up with. If I can figure out how to do the linking thing. ha! ha! Bonnie

  3. Steve, not smallbutcharming the blog, rather flowersinthehouse, the monthly psrty.

    I think I've been blogging for 2ish years.

    Prebook: we try and quesstimate how many roses and flowers we will use this holiday and by ordering in advance secure a better price for ourselves and customers.

    Bonnie, don't worry, i'll link you up if you can't do it. Just leave a comment and I'll swoop by and save the day.

  4. oh you poor woman. valentines day already? i'll do my best re flowers on monday. xo

  5. Ooooo. Black magic roses are delicious. I was thinking of doing a Valentine's Day arrangement and tutorial, but wonder if I can get it together to do an arrangement this weekend. Will try!

    Congrats on one year. And two!

  6. Look at those flowers..... sigh.....

    I'll try to remember on Monday, but you know, I despair of ever producing anything so lovely.

  7. 12 months! I can remember the post where you were deciding to do it. Where has time gone? The roses are just beautiful.xx

  8. I'd love to join Flowers in the House. And attend your coworkers lunch. The bus will smell good. Valentines Day flowers can be such a turnoff--all those wilted roses--it's nice to see something so gorgeous and original and a little bit wild.

  9. I don't have a problem with the flowers - it's the linking thing that messes me up. Hope to figure it out one day! Yours, btw, are GORGEOUS.

  10. I'm in. Remind me to take something home on Saturday night.

  11. Hello Jane:
    We should love to be a guest at the co-workers lunch if such a delicious dish as the Cuban Pork is on offer, together with all the other highly imaginative offerings.

    Your ideas for Valentine's Day look very pretty. That must be a very busy day of the year for you and always a challenge to think of something new. What a highly creative team you are!!

  12. I want an invitation to this birthday party. Have fun!

  13. Definitely in for Monday! It gives me the perfect REASON to hit the flower shop tomorrow. Promise to look more carefully and only buy fresh flowers.

    Are those astrantia in the first photo? I am planting them in my Belinda-garden. Can't wait for them to grow.

  14. I can't believe its a year. See you Monday.

  15. I wish I was a co-worker or cow-worker, as I originally read it! Silly cow! The lunch sounds fab and the flowers are just divine, enjoy your bit of a doo, and I will see you on Monday! Love Linda x

  16. Love the stems.A year ..already?!!
    Oh yes please go with it. I got a smell of spring yesterday when I saw daffs for sale! I need an excuse pleaseeeee!!!! Sinead x

  17. I'm in. I'm all gaga anew in love with flowers.

  18. You are definitely someone I could party with :0

  19. Hi Jane

    You make work a fun place and I love the contribution to your co-workers birthday. I am sure delicious.
    Helen xx