Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's Only A Day Away

Oh my God, I have a cold and it's clouding my mind and fumbling my fingers.  Pay no mind to what pops up on your blog list from me.

Smoke and mirrors.  It's all smoke and mirrors and tissues and tea.

Flowers In The House is tomorrow.

It's all snow and ice here today.  Like living in Russia.


  1. It looks freezing!!!! (I was going to say icy but thought better of it!!!!)
    Have you tried lemon juice hot water and a tablespoon of honey? Works wonders for a cold.
    Look after yourself xxx

  2. I noticed that. It's the same thing as I did last week. The problem is when you republish it, I don't think it puts in the reading list again even if you change the date.

  3. Poor Snuffle! I'm ready for FIH! A few more days and you'll be on the mend.

  4. Oh bless you! I hope you feel better tomorrow. Bonnie

  5. feel better. isn't flowers in the house the last monday of the month? she asked hopefully.

  6. Sorry you are under weather. Hope you get well soon.

    Helen xx

  7. Julienne, That's exactly what I'm drinking! It must work.

    Steve, grrrr, really. That is going to make me very unhappy.

    Shelley, I know, it must be easier to get over a cold when you don't smoke, right?

    Bonnie, thank you:)

    janet, oh god, why didn't somebody tell me this earlier in the week? Colds make me stupid. Guess it's a week flowers?

  8. Gonna buy myself some flowers tomorrow...a little celebration is in order, though I won't be wearing my GIants sweatshirt around Boston.
    Get some rest and feel better!

  9. Jane,
    Feel better...sure glad I stopped by your blog tonight so I can dream up something for your party tomorrow!

  10. Just about to post my FITH but need you to link it in that clever way you have, and hope you are well enough to do so! Get better soon. x