Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten Things I Can't Live Without - Pigtown Design

I have met so many interesting people thru blogging.  Some live around the globe, some are 45 minutes away by car or train.

Meg, of Pigtown Design, is almost a neighbor.  She is a design aficionado who reports on what's hot and what's not in Baltimore, New York, England and on line. The world is truly her oyster and she probably has the necessary plates to serve it on. And I am so familiar with the cadence of her writing: what she finds funny and what she finds desirable I feel I could pick her out in a line up.  Though I hope I never have to :-)
I have to to say, I agree with her "list of" and wonder why some of these aren't a must with me too... enjoy!

1) My dog, Connor. When I first realized I was back in the States to stay, the first thing I did was go to the city’s animal shelter and adopt a dog. Connor was about five then, and was a wild child. But he’s mellowed into a real sweetie pie. I probably should have put my family and friends first, but since I see more of Connor than any other living being, he’s tops on the list.

2) Champagne. One of the bad habits I picked up in the UK was drinking champagne. I rarely drink hard liquor, so I always order a glass (or three) of champagne while I am out. There is usually a bottle of decent champagne in the fridge, too.

3) Down. I’ve had a feather mattress for ages, and to me, winter or summer, there’s nothing better than sleeping on one. I also have down pillows, and an eiderdown duvet. I just use the duvet and the duvet cover, even in the winter when I keep the house cool cold at night, and I am cozy and snug.  Here’s Connor napping on one of my old eiderdowns.

4) China. I “inherited” a ton of Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Fluted Half Lace china a few years ago, and when I moved last year, I decided that I should use it as my everyday china. It makes everything I eat, from poptarts to pork loin feel like it is a little more special.

5) Cashmere. I can’t stand the feel of wool sweaters, so started buying one cashmere sweater here and one there… Then in my thrift shop travels, I really started finding them, and buying them for a few dollars each. Unfortunately, the moths ate their way through some of them this summer, so I’ve made patchwork scarves from the sweaters.

6) Copper pots & pans. Before I moved to the UK, I had a massive collection of copper pots, pans and moulds, but I sold most of them. I did keep one great set of French pots and pans that my parents had given me for a significant birthday. There are about a dozen pieces in the set, and they’re just great to cook with. And I don’t even mind polishing them!

7) A Volvo. I’ve driven a Volvo almost since I could drive and have loved every one of them. I even drove a Volvo wagon in the UK, since it was almost the only car I could find that was an automatic. I love that my wagon fits almost everything I can think to put in the back – including a six-foot long church pew! But the best thing is the heated seats, especially on a cold morning!

8) Books. I grew up in houses that had libraries with loads of books. My father used to review books, and there were always stacks of them around. I read all of the time, and am lucky to have a free bookstore close to my house. I have loads of books on myriad topics around the house for reference, but I am not averse to reading some trashy chick-lit books!

9) French Ivory Cutlery. I started collecting pieces of this cutlery years ago, and I’d occasionally find a knife, and once in a blue moon, a fork. When I moved to the UK, it was everywhere and dirt cheap! But I always wondered why there weren’t any spoons. A British friend said they never made them, and then had a set of eight made for me. They are one of my favourite things and I love them for so many reasons.

10) Friends and family. I am lucky to have both friends that I’ve known since childhood and friends I’ve just met. And even luckier to have a family which is close by!

 Meg thank you so much for such a well curated list.  I just love this last picture of you and all your boys. look forward to hanging out together in the near future.

xo Jane


  1. I absolutely adore the cashmere scarves; they deserve a blog all to themselves. And I agree with Meg on the copper - such good cooking, and such a virtuous feeling as you cook!

  2. Thanks so much for having me over to talk about my ten favourite things! It was such fun to sit and think about this!


  3. A wonderful list. Many of us can understand putting Connor first, too. I notice he's in the Volvo, too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am SO with her on the champagne and Conner is too cute! What a great list accompanied by great images! xx

  5. Meg is wonderful; I simply adore her. She is down to earth, has great taste and has a wry sense of humor!

    We love many of the same things even though I do not have the collections she does!

    Jane thank you for featuring her!

    I hope you will join my Valentine's Giveaway!
    Art by Karena

  6. I never would have pegged you as a champagne girl. My fave is Moet et Chandon.
    Your china is really beautiful. Great list.

  7. Another great list. This is really making me think about what my list looks like...

  8. Great list Meg! Thanks for featuring her today Jane as Meg's Pigtown is one of my favorite reads.
    xo Cathy
    ...and Jane, if you ever get called to pick her out of a lineup, I'll help with bail ;-)

  9. Wonderful patchwork scarves and ivory cutlery. I might have to add both to my list.

  10. Conner, Royal Copenhagen and Copper!!! What a great list!!!!! I wish I were talented enough to make scarves with my hole blotched cashmere!

  11. Three cheers for Meg and Connor, two of the most wonderful beings in the world. Just looking at her choices made me happy.

  12. The cashmere scarves are dreamy. Love the dog too! Great list and pictures. I am delighted to have found you--look forward to visiting your blog.

  13. Meg's list is thoughtful in every way...China for every day dishes just kind of sums it up...she cares deeply and passionately.

    I love Meg's ivory handled spoons on pink...so pretty.

    Jane, I love that you are doing this project!


  14. Well, I am in love with Connor. And what a great idea to make fabulous cashmere scarves. Thank you Jane for hosting such a fun party. Bonnie

  15. Hi Meg, Love your list of ten things you can’t lie without. Love your bookcase with one of your copies of IMA and quite a few other books that I, also, own. Great minds and all that! I, too, love the Royal Copenhagen. I wanted to register it as my wedding china but felt it was too expensive to ask for. Thirty years later I was given an over the top collection of RC from someone who didn’t even know I had wanted it all those years. They had inherited it from their mother and didn’t have room for it. That really made me feel like someone’s looking out for me.
    And BTW, it was the paperwhites AND the potter that got some gin! Best regards, Ruth

  16. A Hound at the top of the list and Champagne.

    Are we related?

  17. old sweaters as scarves, ivory handled flatware, copper pots! dogs and books and champagne! now that is what i call a LOVE list.