Monday, January 30, 2012

Back In Black

Oops, I guess the one thing I forgot to put on my can't live without list was good health.

That little cold got a hold of me and whupped me good.  I even took time off from work and I usually reserve time outs for the 7 year itch or the every 5 year flu.

I'd like to write a paean  to the neti pot here but if you don't know what they are never mind, TMI, and if you  already use one you know what I'm talking about.

As I was lying about on my fainting couch, sipping hot water, honey and lemon, napping, reading, cursing in Olde English the fates were gathering to make my life just that little nicer.

I won a giveaway from Annie at Lovely Things and and before I could respond to her comment I was opening a smartly wrapped parcel that contained an assortment of black and white objects: beads, #2 Ticonderoga pencils,black and white straws, a beautiful wool black and white scarf and a note from Annie with her signature swipe of blackboard paint at the top and my initial written in chalk.

All this good taste cheered me up no end.

And today I took myself out for a usual Monday afternoon of eating and shopping with my BFF's and Blaise gave me a necklace he had made for me of black pearls strung on black leather. He made the other crazy, Ann, a necklace of black rooster feather trimmed in black velvet.

Needless to say we both felt v. glamorous and ready for the next awards show.

So a big thank you to Annie and Blaise ( named after a Catholic saint, not a stripper).
Wednesday, hump day for most everyone excepting florists and hairdressers, shall be the next 10 Things I Can't Live Without List.

I know you'll all love reading these as much as I have.

Till then, wash your hands, you don't want this cold!

xo Jane


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. Such lovely treats and great timing. The black pearls are wonderful. And black look smashing on the red carpet. Bonnie

  2. Neti pots rule! Glad you're on the mend. Had a little tickle in my throat last night, but nothing came of it. With bronchitis in October and a knee replacement, shouldn't I get a "cold"pass? I love the serendipitous black presents!

  3. I didn't realize you had won Annie's giveaway. I just love her. She's not only talented but she's one of the most enthusiastic commenters.

    Sorry about your cold. I'm still not up to snuff three weeks later so I hope you don't have the same strain as I do. But at least you'll look smashing with your red nose and black pearls.

  4. Hello Jane

    Glad to hear you are on the mend. It is a horrible flu, I was out of commission for a week.

    Your gift of pearls I love and also Annie's giveaway is just beautiful and you will find lots of uses for the items.


  5. Too late. Already sick here. Waiting on the chest x-ray results...

    Feel better! Those Ticonderogas are sweet!

  6. Glad to hear you're feeling better but all these comments are scaring the daylights out of me, got a tickle in the throat and not one thatmakes me giggle. Blah! LOVE those pencils.

  7. Don't know what a neti is, so now I have to find out--thank goodness for google. Sweet collection of black and white items and I am going to visit her blog. Love the back pearls! Hope you are feeling better.

  8. Oh, Jane... It must have felt so good to finally get up and out. Enjoy your b&w.

  9. Bonnie,That's right,now I have to hope someone will make me a dress....

    Shelley, yes, I checked with the universe and you have an all season pass. Whew.

    Steve, I fear I do have your cold.It's not fair I keep muttering, I'm not smoking. Yes and today I wore a red shirt to enhance my eyes and nose.

    Helen, so sorry to hear this. But there is an end? You got your energy back? I hope so.

    Sprout, Oh no. Hope you're home sleeping whatever it is off. Xrays sound bad though. My fingers are crosses for you:)

    Amelia, Oh God that's hos mine started, I hope yours is just that a tickle. Bet you'll make some kick butt soup though....

    Jen, You don't know Annie? Oh you're going to love her blog.

    Denise, It felt extra good to taste my food! xo

  10. i don't often enter giveaways but anything that annie has, i kinda want just b/c she is so freaking awesome. so you beat me on that jane. hope your cold/flu/whatever is getting better and you are your old fiesty self soon. xo janet

  11. Lovely loot! Hope you're fully recovered!

  12. Sorry to hear about the cold. I think you are probably not a good sick person (I'm not either). Keep using the old neti pot and get well soon!

  13. Feel better soon, Jane! ..and agreed, Neti pots are awesome! :)

  14. Jane,
    I hope you are feeling much better today. That was so sweet of you to post your winnings. I was quite surprised when I opened your blog. Thank you. And I love your bracelet with black pearls and leather.
    xo annie

  15. What a lovely treasure trove of black and white. When I saw the first picture, I thought it was a pipe bomb!

    Glad you're feeling better, too.

  16. l like the idea of a 'fainting couch'...that was pretty much me last week...bloody English bugs! I hope you're feeling better. Loved your list last week...I'm still mulling! Robx

  17. Still laughing at the thought of a "lovely things' pipe bomb. Go Webb.

    Is that my Azure? Whitney's mother?

  18. That's me! I've been enjoying reading your blog and catching up on your goings-on. :)

  19. Jane I adore your prize and the necklace is very special!! So glad Meg sent me over.

    Art by Karena