Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ms. American Pie

Maybe you remember me mentioning my amiga Betty?  Originally from Bolivia, Betty started working in the flower shop while still in high school.  She began by cleaning flowers after school and on weekends, becoming a designer after she graduated.  A very good designer might I add, endlessly creative and  constantly amusing.  She is also a soccer mother of two boys, one 14, one 9, a homeowner and  as of yesterday an American citizen.

Welcome Citizen Betty.

In the 90's we had a  CD we use to play with a 70's and 80's mix of music that included American Pie by Don Mclean.  I used to tell her she had to know all the words to become a citizen. Well I guess she learned them.  I also told her I'd bake her an apple pie to celebrate the day. Today we ate my words.

Maybe you also remember me saying I don't bake?

I guess I only bake out of love and a great deal of respect.  And of course with the peeling and slicing help of GG.

Betty said it was a privilege to sit in the seat at Immigration and listen to the speeches and the music and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I say it's been a privilege to know her.

Nice antidote to the primary madness, no?

   Now do you believe in rock and roll?
Can music save your mortal soul?
And can you teach me how to dance real slow?


  1. Hello Jane

    Betty must feel very special. Congratulations to her on becoming a Citizen and what a beautiful gesture of American hospitality from you.
    Helen x

  2. You are a good friend.

    I often step back and consider myself lucky. My life is good, for many reasons. I take for granted the beauty of being born American, one of those reasons my life is good. Sure, this country has its faults, but I love it and am proud to be a citizen.

    Cheers to Betty and her fabulous pie baking friend.

  3. Oh how I LOVE that song. And your pie looks amazing. But not as amazing as your gorgeous nephew from the post before. Scrummy! X

  4. That is a wonderful story. And the pie is beautiful.

  5. That is the most beautiful pie I`ve ever seen.

    Love the song too!


  6. Great post and pie Jane!!! Please give Betty my congratulations. Has she registered to vote yet?

  7. Aren't you something with your star spangled pie! You do know how to impress.

    I've been nagging my mother for years to become a citizen and she won't do it. I told her I would take her to Paris. She won't do it. My mother is an alien.

    Congratulations to Betty!

  8. Helen, Thank god it turned out to be a tasty gesture of hospitality!

    Shelley, I know! Beginners luck!

    Denise, I feel exactly the same way, v. frustrated by our shortcomings but grateful to live here all the same.

    Sarah, Thank you on the beautiful baby appreciation. a pie pales in comparison:)

    Jen, Thank you, thank you.

    Sue, Wow! Thank you. Never thought to hear that about any pie I had my hands on!

    Susan, Yes, she signed up right after the swearing in. Yay another sane voter for insane Virginia! I'll give her your congrats!

  9. Steve, so are you her anchor baby?

    Paris? I've never been to Paris. What nationality is she? Maybe I should just send you an email.....

  10. Did you make her learn all seven minutes?

    Seriously, that's a great accomplishment and it's nice that you were so supportive - baked a pie!! Whoo-hoo. xo

  11. This is a very touching post Jane and I have tears in my eyes out of the deep respect I have for Betty. She was patient and followed the rules and did the work and now is a proud citizen. Your pie must have tasted so sweet to her in more ways than one..I can see your good, big heart in that American Apple Pie. xo

  12. How is it that pies, in particular, seem to be love made edible? Up there with homemade birthday cakes. It must have made Betty's day even more heartfelt.

  13. too much questions :)
    Congratulations to Betty. Your apple pie looks delicious!

  14. You are wicked, telling that poor woman that she has to memorise all 17 versus of American Pie...Congratulations to Betty...but can she sing in tune? Robx
    p.s I have a great friend who likes to sing all 17 versus at karaoke...not good...she's as flat as a tack...and I tell her so all the time!!

  15. For someone who doesn't bake that pie sure looks good! I used to know all the verses, all 4 and a half minutes but as I can't sing in tune no one ever asked me to prove it!!!!! Well done Betty. xx

  16. Congratulations Betty Now send me some pie!

  17. Congratulations to Betty! I know what that feels like, I did it when I was 18 the first time you vote you wanna cry! I sort of remember you saying something about issues with pie crust--lady you lie, beautiful American pie!

  18. Oh man, those Immigration questions. I struggled to keep a straight face: Are you now, or have you ever been, a prostitute? Have you ever been or are you now, an habitual drunkard?


    Have you ever supported the overthrow of a government? Dude. I grew up in apartheid South Africa. Where should I begin?

    Do you promise to bear arms for the USA? Oh sure, like, to invade a country and wage war on it for 10 years for no reason you can think of? Yep, where do I sign up?

    ..I must be feeling grumpy today.

    Apple pie is a far better response.

  19. That is such a great gesture on your behalf. Now send a slice over here will ya. About Pixie the puppy. Settling in great. We all love her but I really did forget how hard it is!! Sleeping at night but I think she maybe half kangaroo cos boy can she jump!! Sinead x ps was your nephew born on the 30th Dec?

  20. so nice to read after a day of work and listening to npr on the way to work and back.. congrats betty, you're a good friend jane ! and yum to the apple pie :)

  21. This is so made an apple pie...with a star!

  22. Such a heart-warming story, and what a pie! I do so love that song, I have it on vinyl and saw Don sing it here on stage in Oxford - it was wonderful.

  23. You did bake....and it looks delicious! Well done Jane :-)

    Thank you for your well wishes on my blog too. I feel a bit stronger every day! Hurray!!!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  24. Yeah Betty! This country is lucky to have such a fine new citizen.

    Moss grows flat on a rolling stone....I know every word of that song!

  25. Congratulations to Betty and congratulations to you on your baking, what a lovely thing to do for your friend! Love Linda x