Monday, December 19, 2011

Feasting By Numbers

Let's deconstruct yesterday's brunch, shall we?

Homemade pepper jelly.  50 points ( Plus two jars to take home, 1 red peppers, 1 green)  25 extra points

Banana, macadamia nut pancakes served with a little sauce Allison whipped up from fresh blueberries. Also real maple syrup from Canada I think?  123 points

There was a quiche with a crust of meltingly good thin potato slices.  No picture available, I had to eat it v. quickly.  97 points

Um, a Caprese salad decorated with thick slices of avocado. 86 Points

And 3 kinds of cookies.  The oatmeal raisin and the chocolate are gluten free and vegan.  Crazy good.  117 Points  if you are either you just might want her recipes.

The Whoppie Pies with the cream cheese filling?  Melt in your mouth, not on the plate because we ate them all?  1001 Points

And a little  Christmas box filled with biscotti, sugar cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels and CANDIES all prepared by the hostess. 659 Points

Did we have brunch with Martha?

Off to take a much needed nap.  Oh and don't worry, I've got a training session at 6:00PM.

That extra 7 pounds "they" suggest we all pick up over the holidays?  Well now I know where we get 'em.


  1. I love your point scale. It all looks fabulously delicious.

  2. Oh Jane,

    Your lunch looks absolutely delicious. Those cookies!!!! Can you send some over ;-)!

    Happy new week and good luck with your training session!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  3. Everything looks amazing! I've been looking for a red pepper jelly recipe and haven't found one that looks "right." Did your two jars come with a recipe?

  4. That's a lot of effort and love in that must have felt like a million bucks.!

  5. Oh, here's a recipe for Steve....I've tried dozens and this is my version.

  6. With that menu I would glad give up the 7 pounds.

  7. I have a calculator by my side here but it may be pointless to tot up the points as there are more to be awarded for yourself and your lunching companions, not forgetting us, the envious readers, the artwork and the choreography, plus the neatness.

  8. That looks amazing. I'm now fixated on the idea of thin potato slices on a quiche.

  9. What a feast for the eyes only. 7 lbs
    what a horrible thought. I am off to have my coffee and hermit homemade cookies that is the point.
    Helen xx

  10. Oh my Jane, I've got hunger pangs just thinking about all your tasty delights. What would the holidays be like without all these amazing temptations? It wouldn't be nearly as jolly.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday Jane. I hope it's filled with all that's merry and bright!!

    x Deb

  11. OK I'm hooked, potato slice crust for a quiche? It sounds magic I think I need to know how!!!!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday xxx

  12. Oh my goodness DELICIOUS...!! I am sooo hungry am reading this at breakfast time. Gorgeous photos and your points system makes me laugh !! XXX

  13. Oh my god! Im starving and the food looks amazing. I have been very busy with life over here and I am raging I missed flowers in the house..but I will enjoy checking out everyones stems. Sinead x ps Pixie the new pup is settling in but sheesh it sure is hard work!!

  14. My God that looks yummy! Thanks for some extremely hilarious posts and very inspiring flowery things! Have a lovely Christmas. Robx

  15. Not weight watchers points then? At least you have the training session booked in to compensate. Can't say I've been doing much of that lately. Hopefully with a little sunshine and a wee beach break ahead I may just break even on the points scale. Have a very very merry Christmas Jane. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you this year. Looking forward to all your floral wizardry in 2012.
    Amanda xx