Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's That Time Of The Month

Inspired by Shelley's dahlia post I was about to run outdoors and cut myself a big bouquet of what's blooming in the garden, mine and my neighbor Nelda's cause she's the one with the dahlias......when it started raining.

I attempt to bow to the Universe whenever possible, so I took a hint and let her dahlias be.

Luckily this exercise in futility reminded me that Monday is, could be, should be Flowers In The House.

August was a no go due to earthquakes and hurricanes but mainly vacation.

The only flowers that I have in my house of plasterwork/ painting/ furniture covered with a shroud-again, is a tiny vase of berries.

But I do work in a flower shop so  I can assuage my appetite with a bit of digital fall.

(I'm sorry Miss P., that is a gerbera daisy, but we have customers who can't live without them)

So give a shout out if you'd like to join in the fun on Monday.

And if you're new to us and our global floral chain here's a previous post to check .  Hope you'll invite us in to your home.  Be it autumn or spring in your neck of the woods, say welcome with flowers!


  1. Hello Jane:
    Although we should never consider Gerbera to be amongst our favourite flowers [and there, clearly, we are at one with Mss P], this arrangement is positively ravishing for all of its warm and vibrant colours and for the way in which it mixes fruits, flowers and foliage to such good effect without in the least looking at all contrived. We love it!

  2. Looking forward to monday already. And I don't often say that! xx ps glad your unbirthday was lovely!

  3. Its a beautiful combination and that Hydrangea is beautiful the colors are great what is the name of that variety?

  4. Gorgeous colour and variety. I will be happy to link to you on Monday, for flowers in the house, purely because I am nosey and love to see what everyone has got. Have a freat weekend, love Linda x

  5. Beautiful colours and textures Jane, I could do with some of those rich coloures in my garden at the moment, its all a bit pink and purple... yes I'll be there :) x

  6. wow, those sure are pretty janie!

    yes, i will be more than happy to join in as, again, i have nothing new/great/interesting/boring/timely/sweet or pertinent thing to say.


  7. Well I have just covered that gerbera on screen with my gerbera coverer and if anything the arrangement looks even better without it. Are gerberas the legwarmers of the decade? Or indeed the previous decade?

  8. Fun, slightly kooky arrangement! I'm in for Monday.

  9. I have a really busy weekend so I regret I have to be noncommittal. Maybe I have a fear of committment?

    Unable to comment as my normal self again. I think I fixed Shelley's so gimme a holla and we can try yours too.

  10. Love the legwarmer! That is one gorgeous arrangement.

    I'm always in, but goodness only knows what will be available by Sunday!

    Happy weekend. xoxo

  11. beautiful.....

    happy to stop by today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  12. Yeah, we sell a lot of Gerbera too. I'm up for flowers in the house.

  13. I'd have found it very very hard to let the dahlias be. As they're not in season here yet, and they are my most favourite flower, maybe your neighbour will let you pick one or two so that i can live vicariously through them!!

    I'd love to join in on Monday!

  14. A truly spectacular arrangement with delightful variety and texture.
    Thank you for sharing

  15. A beautiful the colors!

    I would love to join in on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend.

    xo annie

  16. I have also grown to loathe the ubiquitous gerbera. In South Africa we call them Barberton daisies, after the town in Mpumalanga, a province with a subtropical climate, where they were 'discovered' and named (by Robert Jameson - they are called Gerbera jamesonii)- they grow like weeds in flower beds, there :-)

  17. Lovely blog, lovely photos.
    am following you now.

    Hope that you are having a good Tuesday.

    x Fiona