Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Very Merry Unbirthday To Us

 Sunday we trekked out to the farm for my birthday dinner.  By the time the actual day rolled around I was already fat and sassy. We had celebrated at work with lunch and a raspberry/ chocolate cake on Friday. Saturday night was dinner at the pink house starting with fried chicken and ending with a pumpkin pie.  Sunday breakfast was a meager helping of yogurt and granola and a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday", the Lab thought the song was for her and was wound up beyond belief.

  Luckily, hiking the 5 acres of loveliness, accompanied by a Lab, a Dalmatian, 2 Maine coon cats, a pooping peacock or two and a gaggle of guinea hens walks off a bit of cake and allows you to build up an appetite for beef stew full of farm raised vegetables, salad greens tossed with a rainbow assortment of their cherry tomatoes, and some serious dinner rolls from the Amish market.

We should have done another 5 laps after dinner.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, both in the mail ( v. funny Mr. Rush, now GG keeps chanting the 'instructions") and via email.

Thanks to Geoff and Chuck for the delicious dinner and the honey from your hives, oh and the rose cutting. 

And special thanks to Sarah Margaret, hostess with the mostest.

Was it just a few days ago I was a year younger and several pounds lighter?
My, how time flies.


  1. Belated happy birthday! Sounds like you did it up just fine and fancy!!

  2. Belated Happy "B" day and Yummmmmmmm!!


  3. What a pretty table! My BD wish for you came true! That beef stew looks like a balm. Cozy and loving.

  4. Oh, damn! I meant to e-mail you on Sunday with birthday wishes. What a loser I am. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a good one.

    I thought you were always sassy!

  5. Happy Belated birthday and I suggest you continue celebrating for another month, birthdays need to be for more than one day
    Hlen xx

  6. A very happy birthday! so sorry to be late. You definitely need to celebrate for at least the whole week. xoxo

  7. Such a tantalizing abundance of food, friends, lovely homes (a farm AND a pink house!) and critters. Sounds like there's a lot of love in your life. And good food!

  8. Happy merry unbirthday to you. Hope the year brings you beautiful things.

  9. I do enjoy your blog and how fun to discover that you have the same birthday as me. Best wishes to you.

  10. Happy Birthday for Sunday Jane :)... sounds like my sort of feast.. Beef stew x

  11. Happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Jane....happy birthday to you :-)!!

    Love your table!

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  12. Jane, Thank you, you know we did:)

    My Grama's Soul, Indeed!

    Shelley, Thanks for the kick in the patoot.

    Steve, Always sassy, not always stuffed full of sassafras.
    I'm gonna let you slide on this one. xo

    Helen, I shall indeed,at least a birthday WEEK, right?

    Webb, ah, you second the motion. Excellent!

    Jen, I am a lucky woman. A little olde but still lucky:)

    Sweetgum Thursday, Thank you, me too!

    Sharon, Yay, Happy Birthday right back at you. Are you a crazy, slightly OCD Virgo also?

    Deb, We were so excited to have a cool cloudy day and get to have our first stew of the season.

    Madelief, What a lovely voice you have!

  13. Happy Birthday my flower lady friend. Looks like a great spread you had! Sinead x ps I have been off the blogsphere for awhile but Im back. Did you get a new addition the Dalmation?