Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whatch Doing?

Have I kept you in the GG loop?  Didn't think so. ( Hmm, keep it brief to hold attention).

May: Graduated with Bachelor In Science

June:  Started Medical Assistant Certificate program

July: Added Phlebotomy study to week.

August: Finished course. Started internship at Urgent Care Clinic

September: Take MCATS  for second time.

What does this mean in relationship to dinner parties?  We can now offer an EKG with dessert.  Or can take your blood pressure over appetizers.  We are a full service hospital(ity) house. 

What does this mean for the Lab and myself?  GG's work schedule for these 2 weeks runs 3:00 to 9:00 PM.  She gets home around 10:00.  This means the Lab lies about in a puddle of despair, letting the cat march over her on her constant travels in and out, in and out. The Lab is only able to rouse herself for DINNER or a TREAT or maybe a little WALK.  Then flings herself back down on the floor with a big sign of sadness, maybe boredom?

And me?  I come home from from work to a fully stocked refrigerator ( Tuesday) a mowed and edged lawn (Wednesday) and God only knows what tomorrow.( but I can't wait to see).

 The View From My Kitchen Window

I make some dinner, do a little watering, read a post or two and another book. I have read 3 since Monday.
Neighbors drop by with garden tomatoes or to borrow the lawnmower.  The weather has cooled off a bit and I can sit outside and read. All this is lovely and business as usual. But, and this is a big but, it's more fun with GG around. 

Just sayin'.


  1. Awwww ... I bet she misses you too.


  2. Oh no, sounds like the dreaded Swing Shift! I got a taste of your situation when Ben worked it a while in Boston; it gets old pretty quick, but I am sure you two and the Lab will make the most of it and find ways to make up for lost time together. And this new chapter in GG's career is so exciting!! Please send my big congratulations to her!

  3. Vacation's on the horizon! Joe's national Park job this season keeps him out til 7:30 or eight. I come home, take Blossom out for fetch, make the dinner and try and wait to eat. He works so hard, I don't have the heart to complain about the extra burden. It's all for a purpose, I guess. GG stocks the fridge? Awesome!!!! Joe still powers through the laundry. Grateful!

  4. Hey, just thought I'd stop by to say hi. I know it's rude to just stop by without calling but I saw you sitting there and you looked a little lonely. Shoot! I should have brought that peach pie I just took out of the oven.

    I rained like elephants last night. The water overflowed my gutters and poured on the air conditioner so I didn't get too much sleep; in fact, I'm pretty beat. I better go hit the hay. Say to GG. She'll be home soon.

  5. Oh How you love her. She is a lucky, lucky girl. And you are something terrific yourself. I don't comment much, but I have read every post since January...thanx for your lovely blog by the way.

  6. man you got it made in the shade girl. gg sounds so wonderful. i'd so love to be a guest at one of your dinner parties. one day.


    ps - oh and i love your kitchen sink view. i'm posting mine tomorrow.

  7. Sue, that she does:)

    Jamie, Yeah swing shifts suck except we spend out individual home time making it nice for the other person. So it's a win win sucky thing. And the Lab gets double, triple walks.Her complaints are not valid!

    Shelley, right? These are the same people who live through holidays with us after all. And you're right, it's almost vaca time!!!

    Steve, You are the sweetest quest ever. well you would have been if you brought a piece of my favorite pie ever over. Sleep well.

    Julia, hi, I've missed you. Glad to know you've been around even if I don't know what you and your lovely dogs have been up to...

    Janet, I do have it made in the shade, or i would if she would stop taking down trees in her spare time. Jajajaj. Come over, we'll take your pulse and feed you.xo

  8. It'll be all worth it in the end :-)
    And I'm chuckling at the image of the sad lab with a cat trouncing back and forth over her, so cute.

  9. You are so cute--and it's nice to hear the love in your voice.

  10. Good for you GG for getting all of that under your belt.

    So nice to see the lovely view from your kitchen window and the pretty single roses.

    I bet it is more fun when GG is around, hopefully things will slow down soon.

  11. I bet it'll be a treehouse today (Thursday). Five dollars on a treehouse. Have you been looking out for a nice floral First Aid Tin for GG?

  12. Busy clever girl! I love that the lab expresses all that you are feeling! I have a lab barometer too!

    Sarah x

  13. I understand where the lab is coming from...we left our fat cat behind in Melbourne with our son and daughter who come and go all day and night...Puss is now like 'the side of a house' from getting fed sometimes two dinners a night (because nobody communicates)..he meows like his throat has been cut and convinces everybody that he's not been fed...then he sits around the house all exercise outside...waiting...waiting! Robx

  14. Oh you and the lab sound a bit sad.. i'm sure it won't be for long and eveything will be back to normal. I always seem to have a house full, I sometimes think it would be nice to have the house to myself x

    Beautiful rose :) x

  15. You seem a little lonely... I hope her schedule shifts soon for more together time.

  16. Hi Jane,

    I think I have missed a post....don't understand what you are talking about at all :-)! Have to go back one post....

    Wish you a lovely day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  17. Working opposite shifts leaves a hole in the heart- not fun. Hope it will be done soon and you all can get on with the good life.

    Thinking good thoughts for you. xoxo

  18. I love your view from your kitchen window. Garden flowers in jars and bottles is a weakness of mine.

  19. Love the vintage bottles.Opposite shifts are hard we've had to off and on.It gets easier.

  20. Dear Jane, I'm sad that you and the Lab are feeling lonely. How I'd love to have you both over for tea and a natter. Perhaps I should give a virtual tea party!
    Love your apricot rose.