Monday, July 25, 2011

Flowers In The Hot House

I can not tell a lie ... I brought home a handful of flowers from work on Saturday.  Hydrangeas, both hot pink and some of the beautiful blue/green we had used in Saturday's wedding.

The blue went in the living room and a short stem of the pink adorned the 'what's it for shelf' in the bedroom.

Random moment: a birthday card for GG from our friend Beth.  Now you know her other name.( But she'll always be GG to us)

 I watered early in the day and even managed to cut down some plants who had seen better days.
 Then I just had enough energy to pick a small bouquet of blooming oreganos, lambs ear and one geranium blossom to dress up the kitchen.  I guess a little goes a long way.

Please notice extremely lovely garden tomatoes not found in our garden.  We have reaped about 10 cherry tomatoes so far this summer.  Thus we are forced to haunt every farmers market we can find, spending a small fortune on our favorite Cherokee Purples. The jalapeno is ours, she said proudly.  We've had better summers.

But never hotter.

So leave me a comment, link up or just holler and I'll be by to visit you.  I hope your air conditioning  works better than ours does.

 xo Jane


  1. You are so right, a little goes a long way and I love your arrangments - those tomatoes look so delicious.

    Wishing you a great week

  2. Hi Jane, I know I say this every month but dosn't the time fly? We seem to be having a complete contrast in weather, I think this is the worst July I have known but I still would hate to be having your kind of temps.

    Lovely sweet arrangements and always have loved that shelf :).. I can't see GG's real name? x

  3. Oh yes I see it, I was looking at the wrong card x

  4. I'll bet you could slice up those beautiful tomatoes and sprinkle with chopped oregano flowers, right? Love the top hydrangea.

  5. Hi Jane

    I think I need a 'Whats it for shelf'.

  6. I love the use of veggies in your arrangement Jane! Im on my way to see all the "flowers in the house"!!

  7. well i can't get the link thing to work.

    but i love that birthday card, how beautiful. and those tomatoes look divine.

    i'll try again.

  8. Love your arrangement, Jane. And those tomatoes, WOW!!!


  9. girl, you have the most charming little displays in your house! Love the vintage shelf and wild look of the flowers in your kitchen.
    We have about 400 tomatoes but none seem to want to turn red!

    Keep cool!!!

  10. Gorgeous birthday card!

    That was fun- enjoying everyone's great photography and pretty displays, now desperately missing my hydrangeas.......just another few months to wait.

  11. Lobe the flowers and veg together...very stylish! xx

  12. Beautiful! A reminder that less is often more. Thank you!

  13. Those photos are great! Love the hydrangea YOU have, and that green oregano. Had some quality time with Blossom before I left this morning, picking flowers for my visit!!

  14. Meant to do this early - will be back later to look. Thanks for hosting!

  15. I do like hydrangea. These are so pretty. Lovely card for GG. I see why you have it resting in a frame. No tomatoes at the little farmers market here on Saturday, so sad. The photos of those big fat Cherokees are killing me. And such a beautiful little jalapeno.

    Can I count the flowers growing just outside my (temporary) door? I hope so... As you can see, they make The Girls happy.

  16. Dear Jane, I do hope that the weather cools soon for both you and your flowers.
    Those Cherokees look interesting - how good do they taste?

  17. What pretty hydrangeas, Jane. But, i really love the geranium. I take it that it's the real geranium, not the ones we buy at the big box store. It's a wonderful color!

  18. Charming indeed--I love the blooming oregano! I did not get home in time to join the party--but I am enjoying looking at everyone's flowers.

  19. In love. The red and that gorgeous decorative oregano. Could look on that a good long time. I'm on the road, but looking forward to checking in on all the goodies everywhere soon.

  20. Beautiful. And tomatoes still small and green here too:(.

  21. I don't have many flowers in the house, but I did something on the Fourth for the outdoor deck dinner table. It's not much of an arrangement, but it was bold, festive, and large scale for the great outdoors.

  22. Your oregano gives me ideas ... a use for my lemon basil blossoms ...

  23. They look like wonderful bona fide exotic tomatoes, so different from the boring samey sort we get here. Would you mind rewriting the post to pass them off as your own so I could admire you even more than I do?

  24. Hydrangeas are lovely, but the tomatoes are something else.


    I am writing you an email.

    Much love

  25. I love your flowers in the house parties Jane! Between your last one and now I always think about what I can bring into my house from outside my door. I love your little mixed arrangement next to those beautiful tomatoes.

  26. and we are so over the rain here in seattle.... a tomato? i think i will be lucky if i get a bloom. and the roses... black spot galore...

    you hit the perfect color on my armoire... sea glass is right! i bought it for $300 about 15 years ago. had to leave in my garage for 4 as it would not fit up my stairs... had to wait until i moved... now it has its perfect home...

    hope you are surviving friend... so sorry about the heat... xx

  27. I love your blog, very inspired. We have had tomatoes galore ! The cherry tomatoes are nice with flowers.
    I linked up with my web site,...
    but more of picture post-er on facebook.
    One thing at a time for me.
    Please keep it up !
    A blogfan in Savannah Ga,......