Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Porridge Please Sir

Hi y'all, it's me Nika.  If you don't know who I am, read here and here. 

If I'm sounding very southern tonight, it's the weather swear to God.  I'm actually from Connecticut, but now I live in Virginia.  It's hot here, the nights are sultry and filled with fireflies and lightening. Sometimes it's scary to take a walk, the skies are rumbling, I don't know if it's thunder or a plane, but it's noisy and I have to keep turning around to see what's in back of me.

But then I quickly turn around to see what I can see in front of me. last night it was a CAT!!!  I took GG on quite a run down that little alley, jajajajaja.  I would never hurt another animal, but I sure like to chase them.  

And my daily walks/ runs have been increased because GG took me to see some quack, er vet, who claimed I had gained 7 and a 1/2 pounds since last year.  Excuse me????   He also said that is why I've had problems with my hip, getting up and sitting down. Well, no worries,  like anybody is going to tell me to sit to get a treat anymore. And the whole neighborhood knows.  Ron? From across the street ? Who started " Bone Sunday"? Well he's changing it up to "Carrot Sunday".  Hello?  Carrot Sunday?  Who gets out of bed for a carrot?  Not this Lab.

So if anyone would like a nice Lab who will clean up your table scraps, doesn't snore very loudly at all, and will keep all the squirrell and rabbits off your property, comment here.  Have leash will travel.

P.S. Don't worry, the cat's not part of the deal.

P.P.S. Don't fret about the fig tree, you know those 2 are gonna get that tree standing again.


  1. What a cute post. I love the photo of the cat.

  2. Hello Jane:
    To take on Nika would be one thing entirely, but the kitten would be quite another! Could we cope with the bites?!!

  3. Salut Nika!
    If you ever want some cheese, I'll share my cheese scraps with you. And then after, we can chase the village cats together!
    Your Paw Pal,

  4. Nika can come visit Souki she would lose the weight in days!!!!

  5. Oh, not fair...who has ever heard of 'Carrot Sunday'...very funny post! Robx

  6. Oh no poor Nika, on a doggie diet.. it comes to us all though I could do with losing a few too :) x

  7. Leave it to a dude to come up with a day called "Bone Sunday."

  8. Sizzle and Zoom, Can't you almost hear the squawk that goes along with that face?

    Comeca, It's not me, it's the Lab:)

    Hattatts, Oh no worries, the cat doesn't do travel. Who would dare to put her in a travel cage? Not I.

    Oh Fifty, I remember cheese scraps....I've never met a french cat, are they tres speedy?

    Julienne, Why because Souki would eat all the food? That sounds good to me, not so much to Nika...

    Robynne's Nest, I know it doesn't have a good ring to it does i?

    Deb, I'm sure my doctor would tell me the same, more exercise, less food. At least my hips are in good working order:)

  9. Hello Labby-Face Nika! I love every pound of you! Chasing cats and squirrels will be curtailed, however if your hip hurts. Ever tried broccoli? Daisy used to say it's as good as bones and broke into the garden every year to eat it! Not too much though or your Moms might make you sleep in the other room at night!

  10. Hi Nika
    I fully understand your predicament. My name is Spice Girl and I am a 5 yrs old cute looking Florida born rescue dog. Because of my questionable lineage, my legs are not in keeping with my body, so I can look like a yule time log with sticks attached and same story as you they try and keep me away from the fridge. Some hope.
    I find it best to pretend I do not hear them when it is something I wish not to hear. Hang in there brother and this too will pass. Spice Girl

  11. Um, Steve, leave it to a dude to pick up on that:)

    Nika Says, Thank you Shelley, just lived through another lunch time at the flower shop and NOBODY fed me nutting! No broccoli, no sandwich, no pasta salad, nutting. Bad.

    Nika Says, I would love to come and hang out with a spice girl..are you sporty?

  12. Nika is so welcome to come visit. Willie would love to have someone to run around with.

  13. Hey lOVE your new banner !!

  14. nika, hop the bus for richmond and you have a home here. 13 years experience pampering a chocolate lab. would love to have you join us. i'd let jane and gg visit occasionally - but only if you agree. xo

  15. Dearest Lab, - don't worry just carry on chasing the squirrels and cats and maybe try a little museli for brekkie and an extra walk? Worked for me... lot of love from the land of Kangas and Koalas...XXXX

  16. Nika, come and visit with Flossie, the lab on springs. She'll run the fat off you in a week, and it would be a laugh a minute too.