Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

Monday is the 4th of July.  Our plans this year were simple.  We would ditch our yearly party in favor of a fun quiet day off. Maybe go to someone else's party for a switch.

No frantic weeding, mowing, cooking, cleaning, prettying everything up and then at midnight taking down tents, rinsing out recycling, reloading the dishwasher, hunting feverishly for one forgotten slice of blueberry pie.

Just a nice day at home, a shower and showing up somewhere to be entertained.  But......the pregnant sister in law wants to come over, they can't grill on their condo's terrace,she mentioned bringing brats and German potato salad.  Just family she said.  Who says no to family and sausage?

The Major and A. want to join in the fun, no problem, they live across the street. Family by proximity? And A. makes a kick ass basil lemonade.  We're up to 6 now.

Oops, I just got a call from our garden mentors, Geoff and Chuck from the farm.  They want to come and they'll bring a blueberry pie baked with their own blueberries, and farm fresh eggs, maybe a tomato or two.  What can you say but "6:30 or 7:00 sound good"?

If they're baking they must be family, right?

But that is it folks.  For real. 8 people. No more.

Unless one of you are  going to be in town.  Then all bets are off and we'll resume the feverish weeding, mowing, watering, cooking, cleaning.

Because for sure you are family. Let me know what you'll be bringing.  Ok?


  1. Maybe next year. I'm a fan of quiet holidays.

  2. If we are in the neighborhood I'll bring my popular spinach, pesto and pea salad..

  3. Hmm...what state are you in....

    To bad they don't leave the kids at home.

  4. Ahhh that is such a great post Jane and wish I WAS in USA and close to you. But don't worry you wouldn't have to do do feverish preparations - just as I find you will be wonderful. And now, what should I bring? Will a Pavlova do? XXX

  5. Love it! I hope you have a semi-quiet holiday. If I could be there I would bring peaches from the "peach lady".

  6. Love you too, Jane! Wish I was there :)


  7. So well written Jane, I think you are a great friend to all and obviously people love to come and hang out at your home with you two. Basil lemonade, blueberry pie, sausages, you say, 'what time'. Maybe I can get a flight and bring a pasta salad? Oh..that's right, I'm stuck in Texas / :

    Wishing you all a fun, fabulous 4th Jane. xx Deb

  8. Shelley, I think I could be too...but i am an entertainer..xo

    Sherrie B., That sounds delish, maybe you'll give up the recipe?

    Razmataz, we're in Virginia, just a hop, skip and a jump away. Maybe I'll show up there for Canada Day?

    Sarah, me too! And a Pavola would be the icing on the cake, so to speak.

    Bonnie, you have a peach lady? I am getting very jealous....

    Back at you Sue, have a great Canada Day in your beautiful garden. xo

    Deb, 6:30 or 7:00? You're only a short plane ride away. Have a fabulous 4th where ever you may be.

  9. You absolutely make my day with your posts!! You need to add creative writer to your lists of talents!

    I can be there you have an extra bed? I love blueberry pie and tomatoes ... brats, not so much but I can help cook! :)

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  10. can't wait to read what the final count actually is! "small but charming" does not describe your gatherings! large and lively? have a great time

  11. ooh! I love a 4th of July invite :-)
    If I came, I would bring a bottle of Rosé from the Luberon, a bottle of Ricard, and some Banon goats cheese xo

  12. Sounds like your in for a delicious 4th of July.

  13. That purple petunia catches my attention. Any name to it? I would show up and put your lawn mower, weeding spear, and watering can to work, and would enjoy every minute in the garden.

  14. As I have commented before, where Jane goes, the party goes.

  15. haha, when you said brats i immediately thought kids.

    wish i was dropping by. for reals.

  16. I thought brats were their kids too!! Have a wonderful time, and remember, delegate, everyone loves to help and then you'll get to relax too! Your place sounds so much fun, Jane. xx

  17. I'll be there with homemade fudge and I'll be staying for a week, seeing as I'm family.

  18. Sahar, We would make something delicious for you also:)

    Counting dandelions, This is true. You have a wonderful 4th.

    Sara Louise, and you would be as welcome as a magi with those gifts!

    Swim Ray, I'm not sure but it might be plum pudding. Pretty sure there was a food reference. You're always welcome to come over and lend a hand:)

    John, How do you know this?

    Janet, me too! That's funny, about the "brats" no wonder Razamataz said she wished they would leave the " kids" at home.

    Belinda, Exactly, delegate! It is fun. you'll see.

    mise, you're bringing fudge? we're straightening up the guest room!

  19. Funny how there are just certain people who attract the party ... it sounds like you are one of them. We're going to a barbeque at my brother's in Manassas on Sunday, and are spending Monday with a small group of friends, in the a/c.

    Have a great party!

  20. SwimRay, I just looked up the petunia, they're Bordeaux. Not food after all. But could accompany food.

  21. Save a "virtual chair" for me! xoxox

  22. i loved midnight in paris. loved.

    but i love all woody allen movies.

    did you like?

  23. I'll be right there! I just have to make another batch of cookies to bring along... (Smile)

  24. We'll be there in spirit - perhaps in the spirits? - too. Count on bottle of prosecco from me! enjoy xoxo

  25. Damn! I've been so busy I read this too late, and missed it.....

  26. Were I there, sauvignon blanc and avocado. The nectar of California...

  27. Thanks. I will put Bordeaux on my petunia list for next year - along with the Vampire petunias (Calibrachoa).