Wednesday, June 29, 2011

United Nations Of Flowers

After work last night I worked in the garden.  Thunder was booming, the skies were dark, it was raining elsewhere. To the south of us, to the east of us, people were running  wildly into apartment buildings and bookstores.  They were buying umbrellas for $5.00 from street corner vendors, they were covering their heads with newspapers.  Here, I was still watering and looking wistfully up into the sky.  Nothing.

The flowers glow in this strange light.  I'm reminded why I every spring I buy a white mandevilla vine.

And a gardenia.

And why the white echinacea are my favorite.

But my most favorite of all is this little succulent (?) with it's tiny, intense purple blooms. 

We had it in this pot last year and to our extreme delight it has returned.  Does anyone know it's name?  I would like to know how to address it as I whisper sweet nothings in its ear.

Thank you all for participating in Flowers In The House.  And thanks to all who couldn't attend but sent regrets.  We hope to see you next month.

We've been christened by Marie at 66 square feet.  She proclaimed us a global floral chain.  The chain has expanded to include South Africa and  another gardener from Brooklyn.  Australia chimed in as did Ireland and of course England, plus many American friends and one from Canada.  Our very own floral united nations.  Let's see what other countries we can get to join us next month.  I know there are flowers in many casas we haven't visited yet.  Here's to inclusion.

 xo Jane


  1. Lovely flowers in white that float in the air of the night. Many congratulations on your christening!

  2. Could it be a variety of Moss Rose?


  3. I love all the white. It took me a long time to plant white flowers--I'm such a color person--but they are so cool and restful.

  4. You have gardenia.

    No clue on the succulent, i cut the flowers off. I am all about the foliage.

    also i still can't comment as me, i have to go about it in a round about fashion.

    Starting to take it very personally.


  5. You always have beautiful flowers in and out of your garden. I enjoy visiting your blog.

  6. Jane, bringing the world together one floral arrangement at a time.

  7. Well done to you, the great floral unifier, bringer of proud beauty to our screens. Please heap my regrets on top of the regret heap and my hopes to do better next time.

  8. Maybe flowers are the means to bring world peace? The flower looks like a cosmos, but the foliage is all wrong. I will do a little research in my handy dandy Southern Living Garden Book. I love a good mystery. Beautiful whites!

  9. 'United Nations of Flowers' wonderful, well done. Your garden just astounds me, as you uncover it little by little. I am so jealous of the Gardenia. Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  10. Jane, we need a flag! I knew someone once who planted a " moon" garden of all white flowers. White is so cool wind subtle. I've seen that succulent but never it's flowers!

  11. A white garden - so soothing and calming. I love the way the flowers look in twilight. I'll happily join your united nations of flowers. xoxo

  12. sooo pretty love them in wedidng work!

  13. F. U. N. Floral United Nations! With you at HQ like Virgil in Thunderbirds, we'll have emergency meetings on Tracey Island equivalent, and make flower arrangements for peace. I'll do some flagwaving with Shelley, ideally from Marie's rooftop. I may be getting carried away...;)

  14. Oh, I so get why you love those white blossoms! White echinacea is one of my favorites, too.

    That is so cool about your global floral chain! I hope to join in the fun as soon as I get my life in a little more order!

  15. Beautiful photos, I think it was Vita Sackville who planted an all white garden at Sissinghurst so it could be seen at dusk. I've never been there but have seen photos and it lovely, your photos reminded me of this x

  16. Hi Jane; I so love the idea of a floral United Nations. The fact that so many come together over their admiration and devotion to gardening. I love my flowers but they are struggling in this relentless heat. All my caring words seems to go on deaf ears. They do not want to thrive.
    Could your beautiful succulent be a calandrinia spectabillis? What ever it is the bloom is a gorgeous shade of purple. I hope you have a terrific 4th of July weekend Jane.

    xx Deb

  17. Jane!! Hi! It's been a while, I know. I've been feverishly trying to catch up on all my favorite blogs and one day may even get back to my own. I think your succulent looks like what I've always called a "Jade Plant". Don't know the latin name. We had them (in the ground)in Cali, but I don't see them much around these parts. I've missed you and will be back soon!