Thursday, May 5, 2011

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Not to drone on and on about this, but I'm a pretty good listener, so I went to the doctor.

I'm not about to stroke out, my heart is strong, my ears are not the problem, he was through but somewhat mystified.  It appears to be my back muscles, so tight that when I am extra active ( and when am I not) they tighten even further and the blood doesn't flow properly.  So I'll be off to the chiropractor before work this morning.  I am looking forward to a rush of oxygen to my head. 

And I'll continue to anoint myself with the lovely scented bio freeze before bed, take a muscle relaxer at night for a couple of weeks and  do some yoga.  Right Janet and Karin?

My favorite moment at the doctors office was while I was in the waiting room with  4 men.  The sun was shining, it was raining and suddenly one of them shouted " Look at the rainbow".

We all looked back at this incredible double rainbow and one man said "I'm going to take a picture", and I said "me too". And we all rushed out oohing and aahing over it's beauty and snapping pictures like crazy.  Then the receptionist and a couple of staffers came out to see what the excitement was all about.  It was so happy making to be with a group of complete strangers all excited about a random moment of beauty in the city.

 May you all enjoy some unexpected moment of beauty and connection with a stranger today.


  1. that's a lovely little story. i'm pleased you got to the doctors too. look after yourself lady xx

  2. and had you not suffered for a day or two, you would not have gotten to yesterday! funny how things work...
    Hope you're feeling better! Pull up a stool today in the back room! :)

  3. What a gorgeous photo.

    How's your blood pressure?

  4. that makes sense. the whole post does. biofreeze is amazing and so is that rainbow. how exciting that it happened at the docs.

    looking forward to my unexpected beauty and connection today.


  5. Yes, Jane. Yoga. Good idea! Actually, that whole story was very yogic, don't you think? And what a lovely wish - it seems like all the best moments in life are unexpected.
    Glad To hear it's apparently not anything major. Enjoy your head rush at the chiropractor's! Karin

  6. Lovely rainbow, and a lovely story too.

    Chiropractic is always amazing, isn't it - you suspect that you've just had you neck broken or your head turned round to face the other way, and the cracking noises can be alarming, but you walk out feeling better than you have done in years! I do hope it works for you. It certainly did for my 2-years-worth of mysterious toothache!

  7. I would be in a wheelchair if it weren't for my savers they are. I forgot about the cervical spine sometimes causing the dizzy thing, hope it works out for you.

    Love double rainbows and so nice to get a photo of it.

  8. Hi Jane,

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling to well. I hope the chiropractor can help you feel better! The sky looks lovely :-)!

    Take care!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  9. Did you have a pair of red shoes on today by any chance? You got me sitting up straight about the dizziness and cervical spine link! I get bouts of dizziness (for the record I am a brunette!!)and I always thought it was vertigo. Very very interesting as I have had surgery on my back and I have a disk out/resting on a nerve in my neck?? Sinead x

  10. So happy to know you have some ideas for solving your dizziness issue. Love your rainbow story. It made me smile.

  11. Whatta rainbow! Do you also have a masseuse? When I am having back problems (like Monday!) I dash off and get a good "heavy touch" or "deep tissue" massage and I feel much better fast! Also decadent!

    Hope you are better, tho. xoxo

  12. What webb says. I never get massages (expensive and ...?), and I think that is Wrong. What about a massage?

  13. Lotte and Bloom, I'm trying to, i just keep putting it off, waiting for a minute when I'm not so busy??

    Sarah, I kind of floated through work today, busybusybusy but happy to be breathing!

    Steve, 120/80, not bad eh?

    Janet, I'm looking forward to an enchilada....
    still waiting...

    Karin, it was very yogic, in a city life way. Head rush was wonderful. he said this will make you dizzy, i said you don't know from dizzy Doctor.

    Rachel, it is amazing. i always thought it was bunk until i went. Now i trust it more than trad medicine.

    Sherri B., guess we're all devotees. the unsung hero. The spine man or woman.

    Belinda, I'm trying xoxo think i need a nice vaca at the farm!

    Madelief, Feeling heaps better today. The sky was a beaut. Wish i had a better camera:)

    Sinead, for the record I'm a brunette too:) Hmm, interesting possibility, no? sometimes the simplest things..

    Denise, I smiled the rest of the night. even through the doctor visit.

    Webb, I always say I'm going then I don't. the Chrio always recommends getting one also. I'll try and do it after Mothers Day.

    Marie, yes, I will, after this weekend. As God and this blog is my witness!

  14. I hope you feel better. I love double rainbows.
    Would love to take a photo, too.

  15. Oh goodness, back problems, a hazzard of the job! Look after yourself. Absolutely love that rainbow story, isn't it great that grownups can act so young sometimes. You made my day! Have a lovely weekend.Do you work standing up? If not I hope you have a good comfortable chair! Love Linda x

  16. Oh dear Jane, I hope some massage and TLC puts everything right again :)... lovely rainbow x