Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hands Across The Water

Was the royal wedding just a week today?  Did you think the excitement from across the pond was over? Fear not, have I got  treat for you!  The lovely Miss Pickering from swinging England has written a  guest post just for us.   So read and enjoy and think of England for god's sake, don't think of me running around the flower shop with what GG calls "crazy lady in the bus station eyes".  Cheers! (and Thank you Oh Lovely One)

"Write about tea, an English tea with a posy of flowers" she said

So here i am guest blogging about tea. An honour if ever there was one. Jane's blog is not only informative, gardening tips and tales of countless husbands, but a community, where we all come to hear tales, and give our tuppence worth in the comments. I shall endeavour not to upset the applecart. 

So tea, all English people drink tea, and gin, and occasionally water.  I have 4 varieties of tea, 6 of gin. I like a strong blend in the morning, and an Earl Grey in the afternoon, gin thereafter. The green tea is not mine, i don't know where it came from. Odd. 

Always make tea in a pot, leaf or bag, one per person and one for the pot. Pour into fine bone china, and add milk or lemon. Never put the milk in first, and never add milk to Earl Grey, your card will be marked, and you won't be invited to the next ball.

It is a legal requirement to have cake with tea, i favour a scone with clotted cream and roasted rhubarb. Do you have clotted cream in America? It is a very rich thick cream with a crust on top, your arteries fur up as you eat it, but oh my it is an exquisite pleasure. If you are having a fancy tea, you might have several varieties of cake and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Claridges   do it so well, it would be rude not to go if you were ever in town. 

One might also arrange some activities a game of bridge, a tinkle on the piano, wink at Mr. Darcy in his breeches, or arrange an assignation with him under the rose arbour.

Naturally it will all be served in the presence of a posy cut from your garden.


In reality of course, we English all drink cappuccinos in paper cups, just like on Sex and the City.


  1. A cup of tea is definitely one of lifes little luxuries. Great post. Sinead x

  2. Tea in bone china, scones with clotted cream. In a garden in summer preferably. Bliss out. I was born to be forty two it is true. Whatever.

  3. mmm I love scones ñam ñam! lovely flowers ;)

  4. Crazy lady in the bus station eyes? We say we're running around like our hair's on fire!!!

  5. England seems so far away today! Home watching House and then to bed. Running out of flowers so up early and back to Market in the morning. Allergies wild and knees kilin'. All the same, I love Mother's Day.

  6. Eng-a-land swings like the pendulum do - bobbies on bicycles, two-by-two....Westminster Abbey and all o that stuff - we should have been singing that today, instead of some of the other stuff!!

  7. Jane should also tell her wondrous blogging audience about the annual staff flogging...very public and important to those of us participating in the industry!

  8. Yes love my tea but see I love green tea.. Miss Pickering you should try Twinings green tea with pineapple and grapefruit.. very lovely.

    Jane, Post request on:- annual staff flogging x

  9. Your scone with clotted cream and roasted rhubarb looks divine.

  10. Miss Pickering is definitely a lady of exquisite taste and femininity! Your tea sounds just perfect, if only we could get clotted cream on this side of the pond.

    Did not know that one doesn't put milk in Earl Gray - I am not confessing or anything.... but will try it without!

    Thanks for guest posting for Jane while she works, and works, and works....