Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scenes From A Graduation

If I wasn't working so hard in the kitchen, I'd be able to show you a few pictures from Thursday.  But, alas, I'm chopping and sauteeing, slicing and dicing and don't have a moment to spare.

But if I did, I'd be able to show you a tall blonde with a newly acquired BS.

Who was suddenly beseiged by papparazzi.

Swept off to dinner by a mysterious man with a German accent.

Who insisted on the truffled cheese fries to start, along with several other deadly sins.

And aided and abetted by two attractive accomplices,

led us straight through the rich entrees to much not needed desserts.

Where I fought not to eat any of the toffee ice cream or the chocolate cakes, but lost the battle.

There was talk of accompanying them back to "their place" for several botles of champagne.

But here the graduate and myself begged off and drove home to walk the dog and fall into deep sleep.

Only to awake the following morning and wonder if it was all but a dream.

If I had a minute to spare this is just how I would tell the story.


  1. Lovely, congratulations to the graduate!


  2. Congratulations! The evening sounds absolutely delightful! I'm so glad you gave in and enjoyed the desserts of the evening.

  3. Ah so lovely and so much deliciousness! Congrats!!

  4. Nice story, but I don't understand the need to fight the desserts! (Even if you lost.) What nicer excuse could you have had to yield?

    Well done, that tall blonde graduate.....

  5. Very sweet post, Jane! T and N are quite the gorgeous couple, and now I'll recognize the Hai tonight! Looking forward to congratulating the graduate. G

  6. Congratulations GG, how thrilling to have such an accomplishment under your belt and all of that studying behind you!!

    I think it is against some food law to 'not' take bite of said desserts. Yum!

  7. What a beautiful story of a beautiful day! Have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Such an accomplishment - such a good time. What better excuse for losing the battle of the chocolate! Enjoy the weekend and make the fun last! xoxo

  9. Give in to the revelry, what better than the celebration of hard won accomplishment!! I'm sure it will be a weekend to remember. Look forward to hearing about your cookathon! Congratulations to GG.xx

  10. Congrats and those fries looked GOOD!

  11. ZuZu and the Gang send their hearty congratulations to GG and are waiting for their fries to arrive FedEx. What happened?


  12. Fantastic - many congrats to the tall, blonde graduate!
    Now, I have to ask - what on earth are truffled cheese fries - they look delicious (enough to divert my attention from the desserts even)!! And the mini Elvis burgers on the menu - what are those?
    What a great day, thanks for sharing.

  13. Go GG! Go forth in life and do your chef credit.

  14. Congratulations to the graduate! Looks like a good party too. Love Linda x

  15. Having sauerbraten and potato dumplings in honor of.

  16. The love expressed for GG is so endearling evident. Congratulations to GG! Looking forward to hearing about the party and what I am certain will be delicious food.

  17. Congratulations GG.. have fun at your party both of you x

  18. Look at her all dressed up and looking all intellectual.

    The Hound and I look on with pride.

    and a lust over the menu

    and a salute to the dapper gentleman.