Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Food For Thought

Working on the food for GG's party Saturday night.  I'm thinking 30 people, there may be more.  Perhaps half are vegetarians, the others are devoted carnivores. Hunters+gatherers=a hard menu to plan.

This is what I've got so far:

Marinated, grilled flank steak

Grilled German sausages.

Smoked salmon ( smoked by the Hai, GG's father)

German potato salad

French lentil and rice salad with feta cheese.

Pasta salad with artichokes, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, toasted pine nuts, red onion and herbs/ or Dan Dan Noodles ( with scallions, soy sauce, peanut butter, chili paste and toasted peanuts)?

Assorted cheeses and breads

A BIG green salad

Thoughts? Prayers? Suggestions?

The good news: we're having the party at a friend's house so no one need worry about that kitchen ceiling that still needs to be plastered, the lawn that is knee deep in clover or the back deck that looks like it has escaped being painted AGAIN this spring.  When it's us vs the grapevine, we always lose!

Audience participation please.  Rate menu please: Yum, pretty tasty or no thanks not enough options.

P.S. I'm trying to get Marie from 66 square feet to  come down for the party.  Throw in a yes for that too will you?


  1. A delicious Spanish omelette, served cold, sliced? Cheese & avocado quesadillas?


  2. Mise......of course alcohol! Did I forget to mention? Prob only gin if you and Miss P., are coming but all the wine and beer and bubbly you could drink.

  3. Sausages and German potato salad sounds like a little piece of home! Where's dessert? German chocolate cake? Black Forest cake?

    Your font is the same size as mine (was), what's the beef?

  4. Steve, you're right, your comments just looked smaller and somehow sweeter. I'm going back to look.

  5. Pressure!!!

    But we will meet, we will.

    Crabs in summer. Halfway? That sounds wrong.

  6. It all sounds good..How about a fruit of some kind too?

  7. Sue, you scream, we'll provide. i hear there's an ice cream cake in the offing..

    Marie, Sorry I couldn't resist:) And we're still coming to NYC

    Sizzle and Zoom. Thank you. just what i wanted to hear.

    Sherri B., Good point, there will be fruit for dessert.

  8. For me it seems YUM, YUM and more YUM .... looks perfect and agree with the fruit for after the savoury dishes... Am hungry (and I have only just had breakfast) - hope GG exams are going well.( DD is doing exams at Uni in England at the moment too) XXX

  9. Mmmmmmmmmmm. My only addition to this heavenly offering would be ice cream. Something gooey and chocolate with ice cream.

    Kudos to GG!!!!

  10. yummmm... it all sounds delicious! 2 suggestions: something chocolate and fruit! can;t wait to celebrate with GG! What a super duper accomplishment :)

    xoxo kat

  11. sounds GREAT to me !!!

    he's HOME and it was a HUGE celebration !!!!

    kary and teddy

  12. I was a bit worried about the dessert too, but it sounds like its taken care of... Sounds heavenly to me. Have fun!

  13. Menu looks great! How about strawberry shortcake as part of the dessert menu?

  14. the only thing missing is the time...so we can all drop by.
    : )

  15. Sounds delish! If you were pressed for time I wonder if you could drop the lentil salad, no-one would be thinking, 'now, where is the third carb-based salad'!! A really simple salad I do sometimes is endive, vv thinly sliced radishes and a grainy-mustard French dressing - really yummy and pretty! Also asparagus is in season and I wonder if you could roast some and add to a salad or have as a side dish.

    If you wanted something hot for the veggies, Nigel Slater has got the simplest recipe for a mushroom and tallegio flan. Basically just take one of those pre-rolled puff pastry rectangles, prick with a fork all over and score all around 1cm in, and fell inner rectangle with the cheese and sauteed, garlicky sliced mushrooms, a little of the butter you sauteed the mushrooms in, herbs and pepper. Or whatever you like, I have also done a slick of pesto with lots of sauteed peppers and some mozzerella and that was good to.Wack it in a hot oven for 15-20 mins. For a easy pud, is anything simpler and more crowd pleasing than an indecently large bowl of Eton Mess? I always use shop bought meringues and crumble them into the whipped cream and strawbs just before serving.

    Sorry, you did ask!! Have a wonderful time.

  16. Sounds wonderful, I'm a pudding lover so I would suggest chocolate cake and maybe more chocolate cake :)... and you have a deck with a grape vine, so lovely, have fun at your party, hopefully there will be photos x

  17. Everything looks great. What if you were to substitute a hearty Ratatouille for one of the salads? That would put some meat around the bones of vegetarians :-)


  18. Sounds like you have it all covered Jane, good luck with everything and don't forget to enjoy yourself! Many thanks for your comments and helpful advice,love Linda x oops sorry, the menu sounds really lovely!

  19. Pasta AND dandan noodles.

    As well as preparing this fine feast we are all naturally expecting you to photograph each one, provide recipes on future blog posts. Just because we can't be there, doesnt mean we dont get the food.


  20. hi jane,

    a food post and i almost missed it.

    will you be grilling that flank steak while guests are there? vegetarians often feel left out if something is grilling and we can't eat it. since you ask...i think you need something a little more substantial for the vegetarians. salads are good but we need something to sink our teeth into. a quiche or a tray of enchiladas or even a hearty soup. your menu really does sound good though and whatever you decide i know will be delish. and it would be a honor to attend and eat anything you prepare.


  21. Well I prepare lettuce wraps for our lunch occasionally this would be great finger food. filled with a variety of veggies.Hope it goes well cant wait til see the photos.

  22. Hi Jane,

    Can I come too? The foods sounds delicious!!! I have no suggestions whatsoever. Have a great time!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  23. Hi Jane,
    All I want say is "Yum" about the food and "Yes" of course she is coming!!
    Have a lovely party!
    All the best,
    Ingrid xx

  24. Sounds delicious! Maybe with all the starch in your potato and then rice salads, maybe you won't need the pasta in your pasta salad? the rest without the pasta-just a chunky artichokey tomatoey thing sounds pretty nice too? Easier? if dinner for 30 or more can be easy? So what time should I be over :)

  25. and lots of avacado things: Guac and halves filled with aged balsamic vinegar(vinager)? and did I mention ice cream?

  26. did you learn your lesson? never ask bloggers their opinion. ahahhaa.

  27. You gave an inch, I took a mile - sorry!! X

  28. I love the combo of the wood and that green, Jane. Have a happy day xxxx

  29. I think it all sounds wonderful. I'm assuming you just forgot to list dessert? Don't know about anyone else around here, but dessert is the only reason I eat dinner. Congrats to GG - she rocks! and she is lucky to have you as her #1 cheerleader. Have a fabulous time at the party!

  30. This could certainly tempt me!