Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The 5 Commandments

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's poppies, or columbine or peonies.

Thou shall not try to pull a dandelion out from the middle of a prickly pear cactus no matter how irritating it is to look at.  A handful of cactus needles is ultimately more irritating.

Thou shall not attempt to move 3 small pots of cacti outside at the same time.  And if one must, thou shall not try to get the needles out of your thumb with your teeth.  Because then they may lodge in your tongue.

Thou shall always have a good pair of tweezers close at hand. 

Clearly thou should not do anything but sleep,read and eat for the 2 days immediately following a work binge.



  1. Sounds as if you have been busy lol.The flowers are lovely thanks for sharing them.Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Very sensible commandments! Your neighbour's flowers are beautiful though.

  3. Did you see me trying to cut and pull my neighbor's peonies through the fence last night?! :) You lose a lot less petals if you walk around and ask first!

    Hope things have settled a little...the flowers are beautiful. It seems like everything here has opened up in just the last day...finally!

  4. Wait a minute! You have prickly pear growing in your Virginia garden? Can I grow it here in New England? I can't give up coveting...it always inspires!

  5. You have strange hobbies, Jane. I hope that cactus needles aren't like those tiny tips of rose thorns - with you for years!

  6. do you ever sit down? i bet not. you're one of those aren't you?


  7. Oh poor thing! You sound like Winnie the Pooh!!

  8. Thou shalt be praised and feted for thy most original method of telling a tale.

  9. If my neighbors had beautiful flowers like these, I'd be out there with my camera, too.

  10. Was the cactus thing a post work nightmare or for realz - i mean cactus spikes in your tongue?? Yikes.

  11. Or should I have said yiketh. Sorry, hope its better now!!. xx

  12. Haha! That sure was a different post:) yes to rest!

  13. thanks for stopping by my blog today!! :) Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  14. Comeca,Thanks, back at work but still loving our spring weather.

    Dan, Sensible indeed. Wish someone had posted them sooner:)

    Sue, Exactly. Ouchy.

    Sarah, yes I saw you, it was on youtube. Enjoy your trip.

    Shelley, maybe GG's mother grew it in Connecticut. Look it up.

    Rachel, no, they're gone now. but almost invisible to my naked eye, thank god GG can still see!

    Janet, No, not unless I'm loving a book. Then i'm still for hours.

    Steve,You did and you were right! i will always listen to you now!

    Jane, Now that made me laugh.

    Mise, what time will the praising and feting begin? i don't want to miss a second.

    Sizzle and Zoom, maybe your clippers too?

    Belinda,Well little tiny spikes, still hurtful though. geez, what's the hurry i have to ask myself.

    Robynne, Right?

    Kristen H., Where does this stuff come from I wonder.

  15. Wow! what a day. Anything I can do to help? Oh, and you can covet your neighbor's peonies. It'd done all the time!

  16. What a-mazing flowers - so beautiful as ever... and very sensible Commandments Jane!! Such a busy day for you in the store (re your last post) - love the "lemonade" comment!! Do hope you have recovered and are rested - love to GG too. xx

  17. GREAT pictures! I love the Poppies. I haven't had much luck with them (so far). Karin

  18. Oh dear Jane.. get some good strong gardening gloves, not that I ever wear gloves, can't stand them :)..

    I have that poppy and my neighbours love it but I have never been able to divid as the roots go so deep.

    Beautiful shade of pink on the peony x

  19. oh how i have missed you, my friend...i am just now coming out of a 6 week "blogging slump"....i don't know what that was about...but it's over....i am stopping by my favorite people and you are on my list !!!!!

    happy to visit today...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  20. talk about needing sleep *if* should of been *of*


  21. Needle in tongue would if sent me under the covers for a good 9 hr.'s. I love how you tell a story Jane, love it!

    Get much sleep kiddo! x Deb

  22. You poor thing! At least you got an amusing post and made a few readers smile! But still... that sounds like quite the day!

    Oh, and that poppy and the peonies are perfection...

  23. Not a bit surprised that you covet your neighbours poppies, columbine and especially peonies, they're gorgeous! Love Linda x