Monday, April 11, 2011

Waxing Philosophical

There are a few garden chores I dread.  Weeding the path that leads us down the side on the house past the raised beds is #1.

It's a sweet path put together by GG in the spring of 2005.  She was at home recovering from surgery (the 1st surgery) on her knee.  She took a hit from either side while playing rugby and as she went down and heard the sound of the ACL tearing, she thought to herself " that's the end of my life as I know it".

Serious surgery, serious pain meds.  I didn't expect to arrive home from work and find her constructing a path of salvaged stones and bricks we had dug up around the house.  Probably doesn't surprise any of you though. But there she was, day after day, in a cast, on crutches, pain meds discarded, neighbors and children and dogs flooding the yard and GG working away.

What are you gonna do?  Weed, even if it takes 3 days.  And be happy that both surgeries were successful and she went on to work as a supervisor at a garden design and build firm and learned how to properly lay a path, that requires little or no maintenance.

And then decided she could do even more with her life and went back to school.  3 years later, 2 more paths, now she'll graduate in May.

We never know where we'll go when life as we know it ends.  But if we take our time we just might find  treasure hidden among the weeds and the ruins.

Thus ends today's sermon.
Go forth and play!


  1. Tres poetic!

    Is that sage growing on the right or rose campion?


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  3. hi jane,

    sorrow and pain can turn to joy. it has worked for me and continues to.


  4. What a trouper! The little path is beautiful and charming. I have something similar and I sprinkle thyme seeds in the cracks and crevices and voila, I have something that smells wonderful every time I step on it! Looks pretty too, and crowds out the weed!

    Your blog is fantastic...I just started following you!


  5. Sue, it's lambs ears, I wish it was rose campion!

    Janet, Me too. I thought my life was over when i stopped drinking, ha. little did i know it was just begining:)

    Janie, Thank you both for the following and for the thyme tip. I'm going to try it.

  6. I am in such awe of such perfect hardscaping!!! You two are so inspiring. Cheers to GG!

  7. So much to learn from the twists in life...

    Yea! to the graduation and the fabulous path...I'm sure there's a metaphor in here somewhere.

    "go forth and play" I love that quote. :)

  8. That was BEAUTIFUL! I really needed to read something like that today, thanks :-)

  9. Wonderful GG, and thoughtful you for bearing continuous witness to the importance of her endeavour. Benisons across the ocean to you both.

  10. Jane,
    You are so right.
    Kudos to GG for opening her self to a new life and for all her hard work. And to you for your support of this huge endeavor of hers! Together you two are unstoppable!

  11. Well done GG!... and your path is wonderfull.. I love it when seedlings find their way into just the right place xx

  12. I love this post.

    not only is it a showcase for GG's handiwork, it is just what i have been thinking.

    Although we have been looking at bare earth, and wondering which path to make.

    Any tips GG?


  13. What is it about the needy weedy path that inspires such deep introspection? Well worth the chore, I'd say, for both the philosophical and aesthetic affect it generates : ).

  14. Jane, my hubbi had same injury and surgery in Dec! Soccer injury not an egg chasing man ie the rugby! Must be in the air about the weeding as did the same at the weekend paths appeared over here though!! Sinead xx

  15. Some folk are just hellbent on seeing even the near empty glass half full. And thank God for them and the rock solid inspiration they are. This is real,proper grownup living you'redescribing isn't it, no self-pity or histrionics? Love GGs path and your willingness to weed it. And you know me by now, love a bit of filosofizin'!!

  16. Jane,

    What a beautiful post! Beautiful tribute too to your GG. Congratulations GG!

  17. The mystery of where the path ends is part of what keeps us going. Your violet is a cousin of my "new" one and they both live in the middle of a well trod path - guess that;s the way of violets.

    Hope all is well. xoxo

  18. Hi Jane,

    Something bad always turns into something good!

    Have a lovely day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  19. speaking of paths... I believe that my phone has chosen its own today..

    I will be home to hunt it down soon, fingers crossed

  20. GG, wondered why I haven't heard from you all day...

    it's in the pocket of the jacket you wore last night:)

  21. Hola Jane, lovely visiting you again, adore all I have seen, such beautiful flower arrangements!!!
    a great pleasure.
    hugs my dear

  22. This is a beautiful post. Girl's got gumption! I so admire that.