Sunday, April 10, 2011

She Can't Help It,The Girl Can't Help It

No way, no how was I leaving work yesterday without a few blossoms of local lilac.  Their fragrance had been calling to me all day long, every time I opened the cooler doors, every time I placed a few in an arrangement. 

It had been a long busy day, make that week, but the lilac had my head spinning.  I was equally seduced by the new green floribunda cabbage rose sweetly named Eclair.  Its price is mind blowing but so is its color.

I quickly filled a mason jar, unwilling to let the lilacs sit without water while we made a quick stop at a book store and Whole Foods.  A few sweet peas from Japan also made their into the mix. How do these things happen?

Okay, and maybe one coral charm peony.  But who amongst us wouldn't have done the same?


  1. Sunday morning treat!!! Do those roses open?

  2. Well, certainly not me!!!!!!
    I can smell that lilac from here! xx

  3. You can smell those blissful flowers, I can't - I have flower smelling envy. ;)

  4. Sue, Right?

    Shelley, Don't know, just got then in, that's why it's a good idea I brought one home, hmmmm?

    Sinead, Understandable.

    Julienne, I bet you can it's heaven in a jar.

    Belinda, turnabout is fair play, I envy you everything in your garden:)

  5. Just beautiful, thank you Jane.

  6. Lovely photos of beautiful flowers!

  7. LOVE lilacs. The green things are roses? I've never seen anything like that. They almost look like hellebores.

  8. It's so great that a mere bouquet of flowers can make a person smile so big. A beautiful grouping and all of my favorites Jane. Lilacs remind me of my home in Washington State, peonies remind me of my paternal grandmother and sweet-peas remind me of my mother. Hard not to smile!

    I hope you have a perfect kind of Sunday Jane.
    xx Deb

  9. Hi Jane,

    What a lovely bouquet! I can almomst smell the lilacs in Holland ;-)!

    Lieve groet & happy new week!

    Madelief x

  10. In the words of the great Christopher Lloyd, "Yummy yummy yummy."

    Luckily I just got my hands and nose on some delicious lilac over here, otherwise I'd be writhing in envy. Acutally, scratch that. Due to the Coral Charm I still am.

  11. So, you just jam them in an old pickle jar and they look like THAT? I would hate you if I could, but I can't. I am, however, totally jealous of the lilacs. Neither mine, nor my neighbor's has started to bloom, altho I do check every day now. My 'Miss Kim' is covered with buds, so it shouldn't be long.

    Love the rose - am trying to broaden my color horizon to include that icy green. Happy weekend. oxox

  12. Beautiful colours! But the last time I had lilac in a vase, a friend was scandalised - in her little village upbringing, bringing lilacs indoors brought bad luck!

  13. I understand...I worked yesterday too and a few pale pink stock, pink spray roses and baby blue hydrangeas found their way into my car! Funny how that happens. :)

  14. Local lilacs already?! We haven't gotten any in. I guess I'll have to stop buy your shop to pick some up for myself. Those cabbage roses and sweet peas are amazing!

  15. (Gasp!) Heaven, just Heaven! I love lilacs... and peony. Enjoy that lovely bouquet! :)

  16. Lovely flowers Jane ... Love the scent of lilacs.. When taking my kids to school we use to walk past a lilac shrub in a neighbours garden and I would stop and sniff the blooms. My two must of had a chat about this because the next day I was told, Mummy is not allowed to sniff flowers on the walk to school because it is very embarrassing x

  17. Bootiful! Lilac is someting else and paired with sweetpeas - heaven on earth.xx

  18. Sherri B.:)

    Sizzle and Zoom, Thank you too.

    An Urban Cottage, I know..loveliest little roses ever.

    Madelief, if you want to really get a whiff, go to The Monkey Flower Group post.

    Jamie, But you have buckets!I'll throw in the coral charm for a few most stems of your lilacs.

    Webb, I better be able to throw them in a jar and have them look Miss Kim is budded too,Still I wish I had room for a big ole lilac bush.

    Rachel, thank God we didn't grow up in that village! We would have been burned at the stake.

    Sarah, I saw your stock, and your very cool rug, what a scent stock has hmmm?

    Liz, better come soon we only got 5 bunches! Would love to have you drop by.

    Coriander Girl, The party begins with lilac!

    the little owl, I am loving every minute of it.

    the fishermans cottage, What an embarrassing mum you were. Hope you sniff in secret now.

    Semi Expat, my sentiments exactly!

  19. Jane! GREEN roses! Gorgeous. And you make it all look so easy...

  20. Ah, I see stealing those blue glasses for me set you off on a life of crime. I blame myself.