Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love Letters

Back to Sunday's brunch.  The food was delicious, half of it was cooked by our friends and neighbors.  Who brings a fruit salad and a big bowl of garlicky hash browns and a platter of crispy bacon to some one else's party?  Who brings a plate of cheeses and 5 different kinds of bread, a tomato and mozzarella salad and does clean up?  Who bakes her famous birthday cake and does clean up?  Who brings 1/2 of our dirty dishes across the street to her house so we don't have to run the dishwasher twice?

 Apparently our friends do. No wonder we can't keep the numbers down, we know too many fabulous people.

But we did cook too.  And for you who asked, here's the granola link.  And the spinach and cheese strata though I changed the cheese to a mixture of gouda and feta, plus the parmesan.  I winged the sausage and onion strata by using the same amount of milk and eggs as in the spinach, but added a pound of mild Italian sausage, switched the cheese out to a jalapeno jack and added 2 bunches of thinly sliced scallions.

And I might have gone over the top with the oven baked french toast, but we ate it all didn't we.  I used vanilla as a seasoning instead of the booze.  I don't drink and I don't think you all missed those 2 tablespoons of alcohol.  I think you were happy with your mimosas and bloody marys. And adding those blueberries to the maple syrup as I was warming it up?  A moment of genius. I probably saw on somebody's blog.  But it was genius, I admit.

So thank you all for coming and cooking and cleaning and making us laugh.  It was a big old love fest.  And I love you all for making it happen.

And I love all of you who participated in Flowers In The House.  It's always such a treat to go to your homes and see what you do to make them beautiful.

xo Jane 


  1. It sounds wonderful! Isn't it the best to be blessed with such great people in your life . . .

    I sure wish I lived closer - I'd bring something fabulous to the brunch and help clean up too! :)

  2. Such wonderful friends and so much good food...Hope you are feeling better today...Thanks for hosting the Flower day, it sure is fun visiting everyone.

  3. I'm definitely using that French toast - wow! Hope your cold is better.

    Seriously, do you think we can grow ranunculus here? Are you thinking annual, or do you think there is a way to get them to carry over? I'm willing to order some and try. Maybe put them in a big pot and move it into the (unheated) shed for the winter? I have fallen in love with them - your fault - and want some for my very own. What's your opinion?

  4. Sarah, I wish you did too! Then we could go thrifting together. And we could all enjoy your cooking!

    Sherri B., I am feeling better, as least i was as soon as I got home from work. Too much thinking demanded there today.

    I love hosting flower day. Thanks for coming.

    Webb, yes I think we can. After dinner I'll send you the link to the grower I used. All we can do is try.

  5. hi jane,

    i need to move to your neighborhood.


  6. Me too.Seems there is always a fabulous time to be had there.*sigh*

  7. I'm with gardener's cottage. If I lived in your neighborhood, I know I'd find the time to make something yummy to bring over. I hope your cold is wearing out!

  8. Hi Jane,

    Your sunday brunch sounds and looks good! You are very fortnunate to have such sweet neighbours and friends.

    Enjoy your wednesday!

    Lieve groet, madelief

  9. Oh what a fabulous party that sounded and what amazing food and thank you for the granola link too dear Jane.... Sorry I missed the flower link yesterday - promise I will do the next one...xx

  10. Can I come over next time? I'll bring something nice and do the cleaning up, I promise!

  11. I'm very good at "cleaning up" leftovers. Be right over. So glad to hear it was such a love-filled celebration!

  12. Wow lovely friend and neighbours but that doesnt surprise me one bit cos you are a lady and I bet you are a great friend. Thks for sharing the granola link - some happier people in Dublin now! Sinead x

  13. Oh I shouldn't of read this at lunch time, making me feel very hungry! Your dinner party sounds wonderful, so nice to have good friends and neighbours x

  14. My husband and I are constantly attempting to have a small dinner party, of 8 or less, but that never happens. They may start that way but usually ends up with the La Caja China being pulled out and every ironstone platter in my prop closet being washed...that being said it sounds like we have the same friends, many culinary school grads who are more than excited to help with the throngs, and have great taste in hostess gifts..like homemade bacon and fresh loaves of bread. I'll add you to our next invite!

  15. Good friends and good neighbors are a blessing in one's life. I've said it before Jane, you are leading a charmed life! It sounds like a fabulous brunch. Keep in mind I am only a 6 hour drive away, the next time? xo, Karin



    Need. Want. Love.

    apart from the fact that i have given up carbs, is French toast carbs? I don't think so either.

    also can we have another installement? You know, with the goat?

  17. OK, I'm officially smitten. Ordered ranunculus, pineapple lily and rain lilies. Hope springs eternal! xoxo