Friday, March 25, 2011

Begins And Ends With Jar

Bloggers on this side of the pond  and beyond use their Bonne Maman jars to great effect. They store kitchen staples and craft items in the jars with the picnic tablecloth lid on top.  

Me? I fill mine with yogurt and the fruit of the day and schlep it to work along with a bag of my granola.  Then with phones ringing and drivers hanging over my shoulder looking at today's orders, I happily break my fast.  

Why does food taste so good eaten out of a jar at work?  One of life's little mysteries.

Totally fortified, I then start to fill an assortment of bowls and jars with  flowers.  Hopefully assuaging others' appetites as well. Both for the scent and the colors of spring.  

Unfortunately I have no control over the weather.  Can't help you there.

See you Monday.  Let's let the sunshine in.


  1. Those flowers are so gorgeous, they take my breath away. You have created a masterpiece!

  2. I know what you mean...I wouldn't drink lemonade or ice tea out of anything but an old jar!

    Isn't it great to work around flowers...yours are beautiful! Have a great weekend~

  3. maybe that's what is needed to create such beautiful arrangements.
    keep eating out of the jar!!!

  4. What a pretty bunch! Gotta take some lessons in arranging... and soon! happy weekend. xoxo

  5. Every morning my hubby takes his vitamins and washes them down with iced tea in a Bonne Maman jar. I store herbs and spices in them and shake flour and water for gravy. I will think of you the next time I reach for one.

    A very pretty spring bouquet, thank you.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. :o..Well this is very strange because there I am having breakfast with my berries and cherries Bonne Maman on toast and up you pop with this lovely post..

    Roses, Sweetpeas and Jasmin.. stunning x

  7. Beautiful flowers.. yummy breakfast too - what a great idea for your Bonne Maman jars! XX

  8. Marianne, Why thank you! Will you be joining us Monday?

    Sarah, Yes it is. Amazing to get paid for it.

    Renee, is this what they mean by thinking out of the box?

    Webb, You should, you'd love it. Too bad you can't take them at the Little Flower School in NY.

    Sheri B., How can people just throw them out? So handy. see you Monday!

    Fishermans Cottage, It's a small world our blog world. I haven't had the cherry, will try. xo

    Semi Expat, Thanks. They make themselves in Spring!

  9. We now have those jars in our little country town on this side of the pond!!!!!! I will have to try them out!!!

  10. What beautiful little jars! Little works of art, aren't they?

    And your flowers! A jumble of color and texture, and beautiful in its randomness.

  11. I love Bonne Maman jars. They are very useful, and also extremely pretty.
    What a beautiful, fresh arrangement!

  12. A full 27 points there for excellent jar use, o discerning and practical one. I feel some copycat lunching coming on.

  13. Nice one. I only discovered granola recently - breakfast and snacks have a whole new meaning in our home. No more blands breakkies here. Those flowers are fab in the jar. Nice work flower lady - see ya Monday. Your house as usual? Sinead x