Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Tell Me

I cannot believe it's Thursday already.  Where has this week gone?  Working, dog walking, cooking dinner, obsessively reading and finally finishing two books.  I start to get a little antsy when I'm away from blogland too long.

So I loved our Monday Flowers  in the house.  It was so much fun to see what you all posted.  A little window into your inner worlds.  And inside your homes.

So I understand many of you would like to do it again.  Tell me when, this coming Monday or do you want to wait a few weeks?  Are you exhausted from tending the plants and watering the flowers and finally getting the picture you want?  Or are you eager to show more?

Tell me when and I'll get a Mr. Linky going ( I can't tell you how strange we find this name in our house).  We call everything Mr. Linky now,even the Lab.

And please let's give Australia enough time to get into the game this round.  Hear me oh far off continent?  Wanna play?

Sounds like many of us ( especially the florists who have Valentine's looming) could use a time out.  How about February 28th?  Sprout should be well again, Miss P., will surely have time to bring something to life, and Marie will be back from her trip into the wilds. Ooops, I'm doing this at work, better run.  xo


  1. I'd love to do it again this week, but don't what to wear it out to fast... maybe every other Monday?

  2. I don't know where this week went either and I spent most of it in the house doing nothing really.
    I think you should make this an every Monday party. I love to see how everyone has them in thier homes. and you're such a fun hostess!

  3. Oh please, let's wait a little bit to post flowers again. Everything froze last night, including the emu bush :((. I will have to go shopping to produce something in bloom.

  4. I would love to do it again too but don't think I could make it happen for myself every Monday..I do think I need to get into the habit of having some arrangement all of the time and this might 'push' me in the right direction.

  5. I'm in for whenever. Just say when, oh leader. ; )

  6. I think once a month would be about right. I seldom have flowers at home more often than that.

    Actually, if you're me, you set flowers aside at work to take home, and then you leave them there until someone on your staff looks at you with the "Can I throw these out yet or are you still fooling yourself into thinking that you're going to take them home?" look.

  7. I just stumbled into this sandbox and was wondering if I can play too?

  8. Once a week or month - I'm in! Flowers across the land are preening in anticipation!

  9. I might have something alive in a month.

    i know GG's name.


  10. I love a reason to have stems in the house! Whenever suits I'll join in. Thanks for the lovely thoughts for Molly I knew you would understand some people get it others dont.I usually open my kitchen door about 30 times a day. Havent opened the kitchen door since Wed as no reason to as Molly doesnt need to go out for a wander..the things you take for granted.Thanks again lovely flower lady Jane..Sinead x

  11. I'm afraid my flowers may look much the same next Monday as last; daffodils (or as my friend unwittingly calls them daffodales). I did like the idea of a Monday theme, though, and could fancy another one, especially if it isn't something too clever that I can't match, like a beautifully-crafted meal!

    And now I've gone completely blank.... flowers it might have to be!

  12. Super, I missed the first one round what with all the goings on here, and with you being my very best friend and all it wouldn't do to miss it again. Anytime (with a few days notice for the slow amongst us, aka me).

  13. Perhaps every Monday then we won't forget. If I don't have any flowers I will skip a posting and enjoy everyone else's flowers.

  14. i would love to keep this up, not sure how frequently. if it happens every week, i may not have something to post every week, and like gill said, just enjoy what the rest of you lovelies have to share.

    for example, i still have my tulips on my nightstand, only now the few petals left are completely see-through or crinkly and dry. at least i pitched the ones on the kitchen table. :)

  15. I will be there eventually! Our computer has crashed
    When we get back on air I will definitely be in once I catch up on everybody xo

  16. Webb, definitely don't want to be bored. So one every 3 weeks or a month!

    Sarah, I do love a party! And I'll throw one as soon as the dreaded holiday I mean Valentine's Day is kaput.

    Anneke, Giving you 3 weeks to go shopping, or find us a tumbleweed or big manzinata branch to ogle.

    Sherri B., Don't want to be pushy, just want to have fun!

    Monkey Flower Group, I love my flower army. February 28th Corporal!

    Sprout, perhaps I should alert your staff when our next Flowers At Home Day is planned? They'll make you you have a blossom or two.

    Mary Ann Nardo, Hell yes! The 28th is the date. But come by before then, ok?

    Belinda, Can you wait 3 weeks? I barely can...

    Miss P., You little minx!

    Sinead, You know I do. My heart broke for you and your family. xo

    Rachel. we'll give it a few weeks then, see what you and the gang can come up with, rather see what they'll leave in the vases.

    Mise, or should I call you Ms. Hoefdingi, we will will welcome you and your new flower jug with open arms.

    Gill, We'll remind you, you can post or scope them out. Both are necessary to the game.

    anastasia, Hopefully you'll have that little mess cleaned up by the end of the month. I'm just pleased I don't have to rush around and change water for this Monday!

    Julienne, I know you've been gone sooooo long. Don't you hear me crying out for Australia? Has Semi Expat moved to another continent?

  17. NOOOO I haven't disappeared to another continent- sorry my dear!! been a bit remiss on the commenting side I feel! I am here and I promise I will joing in with the flowery post having failed dismally on the last one - 28th Feb. sounds a good date. Can you remind me nearer the time though ... Wishing you and GG and all the Mr Linkys in your house a great weekend. XX

  18. Jane, If I can just figure out this Mr Linky I'll be there!

  19. And how about a salady Sunday ? :-)