Sunday, February 6, 2011


 It's Superbowl Sunday and we're off to run some errands.  Wanna come?

It's Game Day here in the States. And we cook and we eat and we drink and we cheer for our favorite team ( Go Packers).  Not that I have a bias ( beat those Steelers).

So we're all going to Whole Foods to stock up for the week and to grab a few things to bring to a party tonight.  Whole Foods, our first certified organic grocery, is always bursting at the seams with beautiful foods to eat, and bottles of good things to drink and everything is staged so perfectly you want it all.

We want the fruit.

We want the vegetables.

The olives and  the cheeses.

And GG wants 2 bottles of the wine she'd been looking for everywhere. But tastefully gets one.

 I'm almost overwhelmed looking at the pictures.  Imagine what a sensory experience it is to shop there.

Thanks for coming along.  Errands are more fun with friends. Think how much you saved with us doing the grocery shopping for you.

Luckily  for you, we skipped a trip to the pet food store, it's another embarrassment of riches, and the Lab gets to go in too!

( subliminal suggestion: Go Packers)


  1. Holy moly, look at that banana rack! I want one in my studio. Sugar lows begone!

  2. hi jane, gg & lab (lab's read, right?)

    have fun at your party tonight. i don't have a fav team in the superbowl but i'm just hoping for a really good game. we're having chili and cold beer, v fitting don't you think?

    are you doing the flower monday thing tomorrow b/c i'm all ready and if not i'm doing it anyway.


  3. Have fun at your game party! I'm more of a college football girl (Huskers) but we'll be having potato soup and a big batch of greasy onion rings since it is a special occasion in this country! Enjoy! :)

  4. have to say one thing jane,
    your images are almost as beautiful as the veggie stands in gay paris.
    have fun my sweet.

  5. Gorgeous photos Jane. Whole Foods is the Taj Mahal of grocers I must say, I love that place. And, I so agree..Packers all the way! Whoop whoop!

  6. I'm going to pretend you took the Whole Foods photos just for me. Thanks Jane! xo

  7. I LOVE seeing what food in American supermarkets looks like and can't believe how CHEAP it is! I always take supermarket snaps when I travel abroad.

  8. Ooooh, all those olives! Those cheeses! Those heaped colours! So cruel to show me all that when I haven't even had breakfast yet!

    Go Packers! (Whatever those are....)

  9. And did they (GO?) - the Packers - really hope so.. your shopping looked DIVINE - the veggies especially so gorgeous. Hope GG enjoyed a glass of wine later too! X

  10. Sinead, Sorry:)

    MonkeyFlowerGroup, I want the whole tropical fruit set up. I also want someone to slice my mangoes for me.

    Janet, Of course labs can read...Can't wait to see your flowers.

    Sarah, Onion rings? I wish I's watched at your house.

    Renee, Thank you. It was a good day for my camera. And i only got in trouble once for taking pictures.

    Faux Fuscia,When you're here for our trip to Vegas we'll hit lots of grocery stores!

    Dumbwit Teller, It's not like grocery shopping it's like going on a mini vacation. well unless it's a holiday or Sunday afternoon.

    Sara Louise, I did! Where else do you miss?

    Rachel, it's paradise. Packers, football team, American football.

    Semi Expat, They did go, they won! GG and all wine drinkers enjoyed the bottle. She should have bought another. Then again it was Sunday night...

  11. I love how those bananas are displayed!

  12. It all looks so good! I miss the market since our move there hasnt been that to look forward to but we are going to Hot Springs Ar. in the summer maybe that should make up for the yearning.:/