Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Secret Life Of Bees

Before I pop into the shower and start my Saturday workday I have a few garden moments to share. And I believe I have a clue to the missing bees.

Baby Love, our ever blooming, licorice smelling shrub rose. A delicious tangle of pineapple sage and Japanese anenomes and our second year of flowers from the begonia grandis, long may it spread.

As to the bees?

The Lab spots them. ( African foxgloves, blooming and attracting bees since July)

The Lab stares them down. The Lab chases them.

And the Lab eats them.

Shudder. Enjoy your Saturday. If you need some flowers call me.


  1. But can the Lab de-bee an entire state? Ours had a huge appetite, but that?

    Don't you love rose hips? Somehow they make me happy. Think I'll go see if I have any...

    Happy Saturday.

  2. Must be some kind of homeopathic lab thing?

    Never ever allow a dog to read a book. It cannot end well.

  3. hi jane

    i like anyone or anything that can eat bees.

    and i need flowers but don't know your numba.


  4. Julienne, Didn't hear from you and driver went home, next week?

    Webb, Whew, it's not her then. I do love the rose hips. Wish I knew what rose grows the ginormous ones we get in the shop.

    Marie, How many times have you told me that and yet when she asks prettily I let her read just one more...

    Janet, Well I got your numba sista!

  5. Amazing... you'd think the Lab would be put off by potential stinging?!! Ah yes, flowers... how lovely - can you pop some round to Melbourne please?! X

  6. It is a perplexing state of affairs, that of a Sunday morning I find myself fretting about whether a black lab that I have never met, may or maynot be stung on the nose by a bee, but there it is. Keep a hawk-eye on that crazy bee-eating pup of yours, I don't want to see her in The Cone of Shame in your next post pleeeese! x

  7. My dogs been trying to kill bees too. He's not very good at it. He's been stung twice.

    (And you haven't missed the story of how I met my husband. I haven't written it yet) x

  8. Oh how clever the lab.

    The hound tries and fails everytime.

    It's like Kararte Kid in training.

  9. It's not just a Lab thing. My German shepherd has a penchant for bees, too. Sometimes you can hear his jaws clamp shut from yards away.