Thursday, October 7, 2010

Of Cabbages And Kings

So there I was at work yesterday, busy as a little bee, spraying ornamental cabbages gold. Starting now thru December everyone seems to want a splash of gold in their arrangements. We will be gilding the lily till December 31st.

As fast as my hands were working so was my mind. We were suddenly having a birthday dinner, for 5, that very night and I had nothing to cook. The birthday boy suggested carry out but that wasn't flying with Ms. More Home Cooking. Then I took a blog break and saw SmittenKitchen's post for a mushroom lasagna. This sounded delicious and was composed of ingredients I could run to my local Safeway and grab with my golden fingers. Though she said it was perfect as is, I had to gild this recipe also.

I knew there would be a rebellion if I only used parmesan cheese, so added shredded mozarella. When sauteing the mushrooms I threw in a handful of minced shallots to each pan full because I love the combo. A green salad, a loaf of french bread garnished with butter, garlic and a sprinkle of salt and broiled till brown, Happy Birthday!

The house smelled like it should on a chilly October night, the 6 to 8 portion pan went down without a whimper and there was enough left for lunch for both of us.

Blogging, where would I be without it? Eating carry out and fretting about how to get the voles out of our garden no doubt.


  1. That looks delish! Clever gilted cooking flower lady that you are! Sinead x

  2. Your such a fabulous friend; lucky birthday boy!


  3. Both your gilded flowers and your mushroom lasagne look fabulous. Blogland is quite a place isn't it? A little over a year ago I didn't even know what a blog was!
    Glad you enjoyed your dinner party!

  4. hi jane,

    sounds pretty yummy from here. i guess it is true that whatever you touch turns to gold?

    hope you had a lovely fall dinner party.


  5. Sinead, Clever at following recipes:)

    Sue, We felt lucky we had a bday boy around to inspire this delish dish.

    Janet, Turns to what? Oh, gold, whew.

    Bonjour, We have entered the golden age here in Virginia. You've made quite a splash in your first year of blogging, Madame.

    Sara Louise, Would be even tastier if I
    had me one of those wood burning ovens like the Honeys.

  6. I saw your comment on Janet's blog and thought, boy does that sound gooooood! Can't wait to try it, as I've loved everything else I've made from your suggestions here! Thanks!

  7. Why are you spraying brassicas gold?

    It disturbs me.

    Is it too early for supper?

  8. Jane, am loving your wonderful Autumnal posts even though we are going into Spring Summer here (jst got back to Oz)... !! What a fabulous recipe and the photos are great. Hope there are still a few cool days here to try this one out and also the one from your previous post too. Good weekend to you. xx

  9. Karin, I thought of you when I posted this. I don't think i properly stressed how 100% delicious this dish is.

    Miss P., I knew you wouldn't like it, but sometimes you've got to give 'em the gold, and I'd rather hit up something real than use plastic or silk gold stuff. Actually it looks pretty. Try it,take a purple kale and hit it with a touch of gold spray paint. Strangely appealing to me.

    SE, Glad you're home. I wold be jealous of the spring if i didn't love fall so much. Now come winter...

  10. i am digging the new banner.

    and everything else is yummy as well.

    hugs xx

  11. Late to the party, I know. Being a mushroom skeptic( them and their disputable undefined status some where between plant animal and ... algae) I must say that I was WAY surprised about the whole lasagna dish... It took 2 kind suggestions to get me to put the fork DOWN... yum!