Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet

Many thanks for all the birthday loving. It truly made my day more special.

I'm still dazed from late nights and too much sugar. What's up with the sugar, was I turning five? Friday was the cake at work and after dinner at a friends we had delicious cannolis for dessert. Mine had 2 candles.

Saturday night was dinner at Tini and Nirmal's with chocolate and coconut cupcakes to finish. More candles. 10 this time.

Another friend gave me a small nectarine crumble from the farmers market. I haven't had the heart to eat it yet. It's too cute, I'm too full.

After a late night out dancing in Baltimore we found ourselves in a diner at 2:40 eating eggs and hash browns. There were 12 of us on the dancefloor at all times. The music was house, our ages covered decades and our hearts were pumping.

Sunday morning I had to do a 1/2 hour of yoga in order to get moving, or rather move at all. We had a lovely Sunday with a trip to the farmers market , lunch in the garden ,a fantastic 40 minute power nap and an exciting but ultimately disappointing football game.

So here I am on Monday morning, still tired and slightly sore, left alone with the nectarine crumble. What do you think, one little bite? Or back to bed?


  1. You have lovely friends and the weekend sounds really good!

    Now back to bed for you!


  2. Sugar on your birthday is compulsory; did no one tell you that? Why not go back to bed with that crumble?

  3. Back to bed - crumble for brekkie! x p.s. bed looks so inviting and gorgeous.

  4. I would have commented earlier on all your wisdom but it seems after washing the kitchen floor I listened to all of you and took a nap.
    Maybe I'll take another one later...

  5. My eyelids are drooping just looking at the be d

  6. I know just the thing. Take the nectarine crumble to bed.

  7. Breakfast in the middle of the night at a diner... that's when you know you had a good time! x

  8. hi jane,

    every weekend should be that fun. that crumble looks so delicious. i think i'm just gonna have to make one.


  9. Hey Ladies, Made it till dinner for the nectarine dream dessert, bed at 9:45pm. It was so much fun but when oh when will I remember I'm NOT 21? Guess partying late is like the gym, it hurts more the 2nd day.

  10. Hey Jane. So sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday on Saturday. Looks like it was a fine day and night! Much love xo

  11. happy belated birthday, my friend..

    looks like you had a great time...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy