Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn Equinox?

May I say I am trying to honor the upcoming fall equinox. I have the requisite bowls of apples and plums ( no good pears yet) artfully arranged. Well, they were artfully arranged before I started eating them.

The garden is glowing with black eyes susans and bright purple callicarpa berries. Even the leaves on the still fruiting strawberries are turning a beautiful red.

But, and this is a big but, it is back in the 90's again.

I have just hung up the light but cozy hoodie I wore for the final dog walk last night. Luckily my neighbor was over this morning to borrow the lawnmower and suggested I might want to take off the straight legged blue jeans and 3/4 length sleeve shirt I had on. " Have you checked out today's weather", she queried? I had not, when I heard the news I changed it up. I'm still in today's shorts, tank top and flip flops and I'm still hot.

So the pizza will be grilled tonight and the drinks will be iced. But soon the moon will be full and and we'll be celebrating autumn with a run under the sprinkler.

P.S. I was fooling around with some edits on the blog and appear to either have erased some followers or several of you jumped ship, all at once. I blame it on blogger because it's been a wee bit crazy lately.


  1. i hope i am still follwing're a favorite of mine, my friend

    i will check and be sure...

    love the post and i am sitting here in hot santa ana winds out here in california...where's FALL ??? at least the moon is FULL.....

    Happy First Day of Fall...
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  2. I'm not going anywhere!

    Happy Fall, my deah!


  3. Kary, Happy Equinox, may we always follow one another. xo

    Julienne, Thank the goddess. I would have known if I had erased you, I would have nothing new to read!

    Sue, :) me either. Is it cooler in Canada?

  4. hey sista, trying to shake me?

    we are experiencing fallish weather too but i hear we are heating up on saturday. i better get baking before it gets to hot.


    ps ~ i blame EVERYTHING on blogger.

  5. Still here!

    I love black eye susans! How many different types of flowers and plants do you have in your garden? It's like the most magical garden :-)

  6. Nope, I'm still here! My Followers count fluctuates, but I can never remember who was there before if one goes missing, except for the faithful commenters - I notice when they drop off.

  7. Janet, Didn't work, huh?

    Where's that crumble?

    Sara Louise, a visitor took a count this summer and decided there were over a 100 different plants. Most of theymsuffering after the summer, but some still magically blooming:)

    Rachel,I feel like I'm doing roll call. Can't wait to see how Florence did today.

  8. yay. I'm still here, too. And I'm still experiencing summer weather, too. And the plants, too. I know they're looking forward to fall even more than I am. And some rain, please?

  9. Hi Jane,

    Temperatures are high in Holland as well, but I suppose not as hot as with you! Enjoy your runs under the sprinkler :-)!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. Did you check the moon last night?? Some crazy harvest moon - once in 20 years, the full moon rises on the first day of autumn just as the sun sets. I dunno what - but it was dreamy and golden.

    ohm and I'm still here!!

  11. Karin, Yes please rain. Maybe this weekend for us? PLEASE! Glad you're still here!

    Madelief, But your garden still looks beautiful.
    Enjoy your weekend. Hope you have sun and we get to see more pics.

    Denise, Yes, the moon, it broke out from behind a cloud just as we went out to walk the dog. Just the words "harvest moon" are magic. Better still be here:)

  12. Doesn't sound too 'fallish' to me except of course for your fruit arrangement Jane! xx

  13. Why am i always late to the party?

    I would just like the weather here to decide if it is Summer, keep with the flip flops, or Autumn, stockings and shoes.

    This whole in between thing is driving me crazy.

    How big is your garden?

  14. Tell me all about Blogger. I logged on tonight to catch up on my followings, and ALL my blog photos came in as little blue squares (question marks, too!) Where'd they go? All came back now as I was about to write to Blogger. Must be their autumn gremlins.