Monday, June 7, 2010

Still In Kansas

Yesterday 91 degrees by 9:oo am. I had thought to get a jump on the heat by working in the garden early, by 8:00 I had an early start on a sauna. And no ice cold water to jump into. Dogs loved me though, the human salt stick.

We broke for an indoor breakfast of eggs from the farm. Put on more sunscreen and ventured back outside. Getting hotter, mulched vegetables with straw, finished planting all annuals, German girl mowing, lab inside.

Skies turning from blue to gray and black, tornado warning, rush around putting away tools and lawnmower. Hustle inside, cat thinks she's Dorothy and refuses to join us.

An hour of rain. That's all we get. Give up on outdoors and laze around reading, dogs sleeping, cat pouting because she didn't go to Oz.

Temperature dropped, Tini brought sushi for dinner and we all moved outside again. Neighbors came by, dogs begged for but didn't like raw fish, let it drop from their mouths in horror.

Moved back indoors and read. Tini fell asleep over her New Yorker. That's it folks. That was Sunday.


  1. hi jane,

    sounds like our days were similar except the egg part and sushi and tornado warning, and oh yeah, i don't have a dog or cat!

    oh well, it was hot as hell and we worked in the garden until we were delirious. all in all it sounds like we both had perfect days.


  2. Perhaps I am enjoying winter after all!

  3. Janet, It's so amazing to me that we toil on regardless of the heat. If someone was making us do it, we would call it torture instead of gardening!

    labonnefemme, It was a great day and I love to post pics. Coming soon.

    Julienne, Right?

  4. Hi Jane,

    What a day. I forgot you have tornados in the US. We rarely have them in Europe and if we do have them they are not on the same scale as in your country. I am glad it was only an hour of rain!!!

    Take care,

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. the rain is the only relief from the heat.
    i like the is cooler right after.

    i don't know how you do the gardening in this heat.
    be careful. xx
    ( oh yeah...and don't go crazy)

  6. Amazing - tornados!!! What must it be like I wonder - have never experienced one... love this post - you do make me laugh "dogs let raw fish drop from their mouths with horror" :-) and the cat pouting because she did go to Oz! So funny.. And the foodie pics - yum! x

  7. Phew I bet that was a bit scary! The food looks great though Jx

  8. i love Sundays like that (without the tornado warning, of course) and eggs just like that on Sunday and reading here and there around the house on Sunday. a lovely post.

  9. Your photos of food always look so amazingly delicious! My photos of food are always *blah*. I don't even want to eat the food in my photos.

  10. Glad I didn't know about the tornado warnings. We drove to Baltimore and back for a lovely four-hour meeting - aargh! I had to give up spreading mulch for that! One more weekend and I think I can be finished with that little chore. Hug the dog and say hello to the cat.

  11. Ladies, we've only had one tornado in the many years I've lived in the area. But the warnings are enough to hurry you inside.

  12. Growing up in eastern Kansas we had tornado warnings all the time - an actual tornado was rare, but it was always an exciting event! My brother and I would actually go outside and watch the sky turn green as it got closer... until, of course, we needed to run for cover. Ha. Probably not the safest thing, but exciting!

    Also, is it strange that I literally wanted to reach into my computer screen and steal some of those eggs? They look amazing!