Saturday, June 5, 2010

Full Disclosure

Though I longed to stay home the other day and play in the garden, my day at work was not hell.

The local garden flowers are flowing in. Nigella, larkspur, fresh herbs, baptisia foliage, lambs ear, hydrangea, garden roses and we're still getting peonies from points north.

We're eating ripe cantaloupe and bags of cherries at lunch. Our driver brought us a dozen cupcakes from a new (to us) bakery in Alexandria called Buzz.

And twice a day an iced grande skim latte from Starbucks is delivered to the design table. It's not home but it's not shabby.


  1. Mmmmm, sounds fabulous to me Flwrjane and those flowers look wonderful so gorgeous and natural - I am a little envious that you are going into Summer there too !!

  2. hi jane,

    not a bad way to make a buck! in fact, it sounds pretty dang good. loving the mint in that gorgeous arrangement.


  3. I wish my hydrangeas were ouT! They are right at the end of summer here.I like the arrangement, it's heavenly,

    Sarah x

  4. ..definetely not shabby and love the flowers x

  5. Semi Expat, Summer good, summer hot. I've been working in the garden for 1&1/2 hrs. starting at 7:30am and I'm seeking cool indoors already!

    The Gardeners Cottage, It's not bad, rather nice actually :)

    Sarah Jane, Thanks. It seems early for hydrangea here, but i think really i'm a couple of weeks late in my garden work.

    Urbanstems, Thanks, like yours too!

  6. Those flowers are just beautiful, thank you for sharing...x

  7. Hi Jane,

    Your day sound not only good but delicious as well!! Your bouquet is like a dream. I love your choice of flowers. I have to remember this combination, so that I can make a bouquet like this myself. I hope you don't mind?!

    Enjoy the new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  8. the flowers are so beautiful i can't stop scrolling back up to have another look! (i just did it again...)cherries, cupcakes, cantaloupe, latte. do you have any openings at your shop;) not too shabby at all. may you enjoy many more work days just like that.

  9. Cantaloupe, cherries, cupcakes, and Starbucks! That menu could definitely get me to work :-)

  10. Hiya- flowers are just gorgeous- I think being a florist would have to be in my top five dream jobs... but no talent - sad but true