Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Wanted

I so wanted to stay home this morning so I could smell this rose.

And eat these raspberries.

And tie up the tomatoes.

And sip my latte.

And plant the exotic love bean and other goodies.

But then I remembered there wouldn't be a here for all this if I didn't go. So I went.

P.S. All was good and everything except my latte was waiting for me when I came home :-)


  1. Oh, bummer. I hope you found some more goodness in your day after you went.

  2. Yeah. Isn't it funny how that works? I'm glad you had a moment to document it here - and savor it all in a way.

    I hope you'll have a delightful weekend, filled with all the things that you couldn't quite fully enjoy today.


  3. excellent point jane.

    hope you have a relaxing weekend.


  4. Hola flowerJane, I understand you, I would feel the same!!! So sad you forgot your latte!!!
    Maria Cecilia

  5. Thus proving the point(s) that there's no place like home, and home is where the heart (and latte) is/are!!!

  6. Your photos are always so beautiful. I thought the single raspberry photo in one of your last posts was good, but this handful is too yummy for words!

  7. Do you really grow raspberries? I want some, but no place to put them. So jealous!!

  8. Denise, You know I did. The flower shop is the next best place to be.

    Maria, Ain't it the truth! hope all is going well is your world also.

    Janet, Glass half full. Really.

    Maria Cecile, But you would love to play with the flowers!

    Maggue, Exactly!

    Sara Louise, Thank you! I can always get you with the food. Right?

    Webb, I do but only one bush. Surely you can make room for one? The red currant bush arriving next week will truly be a problem though. Now there is no more room.