Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Loving It

Alison of the fabulous blog and flowers pick themselves posed the question "what ten things do you love about your weekend"? I started to respond and then realized this was a wonderful question I would love to both ask and answer here.

* Picking bouquets from my garden early in the morning.

* Watering the plants and realizing the vegetables are coming!

* Eating chunks of perfectly ripe ice cold cantaloupe.

*Drinking a iced green tea/lemonade while riding around in a pickup truck with the windows down and a big sunflower plant on the seat beside me.

*Walking into an air conditioned house with the blinds drawn and fresh sheets on the bed.

*Eating tuna salad filled with garden fresh herbs.

*Feeling rich with the new British Elle Decor and 6 library books to read.

*Having the rest of the day ahead of me to nap and read and nibble and walk through the garden and wait for #9 and #10, because my weekend just started last night.

And you?


  1. Not setting the alarm
    Mugs of tea and the sunday papers
    long walks
    Slow roasting things
    Potting on things
    Picking lettuces
    Hanging out the washing to dry in the sun
    Catching up on blog reading
    Not wearing make-up
    Knowing that Monday is a day off too.

  2. hi jane,

    you sure have a way with words.

    my tea & toast in bed this morning
    my quiet walk at dawn
    a phone call with a dear friend
    yoga in the garden
    chips and fresh salsa
    making sangria to go with dinner
    being in love

  3. Loved this post and your veggie photos too...

    Knowing I did not have to rush breakfasts
    Time spent with my daughter
    Mooching around Melbourne and window shopping
    Cooking and taking time over it
    Plenty of time to spend on the computer
    And for reading
    Sending emails to friends
    Enjoying the weekend papers
    Walking through the autumn leaves and enjoying the weak sunshine
    Glass(es!)of wine

  4. Leisurely breakfast in the conservatory, the sound of birdsong in the background.
    Preparing a scrumptious Sunday lunch.
    Watering the veggie patch and checking to see what's germinated, what's grown, what's been eat - Grrr!
    Snoozing in the afternoon.
    Reading my book.
    The smell of freshly laundered sheets when we go to bed.
    Afternoon tea in the summerhouse listening to Classic FM with the one true love of my life.
    Starting a new embroidery.

  5. Ladies I love these. It's as if you have each written a poem.

    And I want to do them too. i want to have lunch with Miss P. and putter about her garden,I want to be eating chips and salsa with Janet and maybe a little stretching in the yoga garden. I want to go mooching around Melbourne with Semi Expat and definitely do a little shopping and I surely want to spend time with Maggie in both the summerhouse and the conservatory. Sigh.

  6. hi jane,

    this was a fantastic post. it truly makes you aware of living in the moment. you should pose this question more often. make it a regular thing.


  7. Waking naturally
    Walks with Chris
    Coffee in the park
    Long winding conversations
    Our little room with a view at Greens
    Late lunches at Pizzeria Delfina
    A weekend pace