Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh Snap!

I suppose I could be out in the garden this cool rainy day planting peas or some such spring vegetable. But I'm inside playing with my new camera!

The little Sony was getting very tired and refusing to focus. So on the months old suggestion of Marie from 66 Square Feet I went for a Canon Power Shot. I still point and click but the pictures are sharper , the colors brighter and there is less blurring.

So here are a few blossoms blooming around the house. Notice the cute little vase full of garden roses and ranunculus on the window sill, this was given to me last week full of daffodils. Another happy spring gift. Cuter than the leprechaun, eh? And hopefully you can see some branches from our pussy willow in the back yard. Gotta be careful with willow. Take a branch home, put it in water and it grows roots. Then you think, hey why not plant this? Several years later you have a willow tree blocking your access to your back yard. Buyer beware.


  1. Hey nice camera work! i love that little vessel too

  2. Beautiful images! Good choice on the new camera too! Thanks for your comment/concern on Floralovely... Things have been exceptionally busy and alas the first thing to get neglected is my poor little blog. I hope to be back soon xo Louise

  3. Gorgeous flowers - good camera. What more could one want?

  4. Nice photos - are you loving that camera? Looking forward to tomorrow...hope we end up as good as you sounded today!

  5. Thanks ladies, I am loving this camera. Tomorrow I'll take it on a party setup and if my friend Gwen allows me any time I'll get a few pics at the National Museum Of Natural History.

    Gwen, Hope you love them too. We'll see tomorrow at 5:30pm!

  6. Love the colours of the blush flowers

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