Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm Late, I'm Late

I want my hour back! I woke at 7:30, a fine time to start a Sunday for myself and the cat. But it was really 8:30, hmmpt. Grey skies, drizzly but lots of green appearing in the garden. The cat went out, I made my espresso ,iced it , then sat down at the computer. And promptly lost another hour reading a funny blog I just found, or rather found me, called Sara In Le Petit Village.

So now I've lost 2 hours. Technically. But we're housebound today anyway. Sam, our 1993 Toyota pickup wouldn't start yesterday, too much rain? Which meant much neighborhood excitement at 8:50 am, as various neighbors popped out of their houses to offer us a ride to work or to see what all the noise was about. She (the truck) wouldn't start when tried at 7:00pm either.

Once again, neighbors came by, brought the Lab home for treats and gave us the funniest floral leprechaun ever.

Gotta go, cat's in and hungry, I hear the Lab waking up and I need a refill on my latte. I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday and if you find my *@&*ing hour, please send it back home.

German girl's sister Tini, also received a floral leprechaun today. So now I know of 3 in our hood. Feeling lucky.

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  1. that thing is scarier in person than it is in the pic... you can all trust me on that one...