Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Flower Olympics ended today at 3:00 pm. We all scattered in various directions, everyone with a handful of flowers. Mine are still wrapped in tissue, tied with raffia and sitting in a pitcher by the sink.

Many beautiful arrangements were made, dozens upon dozens of roses arranged , orchid plants dresses with curly willow and moss, but no time for pictures. Well, only this one, a little wink I literally threw together as a thank you for a friend. Still, I am a big believer in small but charming and you can't go wrong saying thank you with a rose or two, sweet peas, jasmine, dianthus from Japan (our first ever Japanese grown flowers this holiday), sweet smelling ginestra and a few mini cymbidium blossoms.

So Happy Valentine's Day to one and all. Hope it was a sweet one.


  1. Happy Valentines Day to you too. I know you enjoyed getting back to work. Hope your snow melts soon.

  2. Great minds, or just Virgos? My flowers also spent the night - still in their tissue - in a pitcher on the sink. They are far more beautiful this morning. I had great fun; thanks for having me!

  3. And, that is a gorgeous little arrangement. Thanks for sharing.

  4. beautiful....that made me laugh..the flower olympics..too funny


  5. You made it. Whew! One day you need to make it up to Brooklyn for a visit

  6. Anonymous, Thanks, hoping for the big melt minus the big flood.

    Gwen, It was fun with you there. Betty with 2 hrs. sleep, Marnie " going blind", me with a migraine, John stalking our food. Ah, the holidays. Hope you had fun today.

    Webb, Thank you. Hope your weekend was cozy and snowfree.

    My Farmhouse Kitchen. Thanks. So beautiful I win a night at your favorite place on night? Hope your weekend was all you wanted it to be.

  7. Denise, yay, it's over!!! That would be fun. when it's warm, yeah?

  8. Love the arrangement. And that you live in a little house, for I love little houses. (And thanks for adding to the applause - it was heard and appreciated.) :)


  9. Gorgeous arrangement.

    Stopping by to say hi. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  10. FiFi Flowers, Thank you and you would know gorgeous! Gonna have to go and see what beauty you are up to!

    Vintage Simple, Thrilled to have you drop by my little house. Hope you're still reveling in the goodness.

    SE'LAH, My day got better when I saw I had visitors! I was a day late with postcard mailing, due to blizzards, no postal servica and Valentine's Day. But I hope it will be worth the wait. xxoo