Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gift Of Jewels!

Happy? I guess so! Why not? It's the "every other Tuesday" that means my house gets cleaned by someone other than myself or German Girl. Three adults, 1 cat and 1 dog all snowed in together. Add in constant cooking, lots of shoveling, dog walking and visits from the neighbors and you need an house empty of animals and humans for a deep cleaning. This happened today.

Well, I guess the cat was still here, but hiding up in the attic and I'm not sure where the Lab is, but I trust she'll be home soon.

An equally good reason to be happy was I got this beautiful postcard in the mail today. Part of the "Gift Of Jewels" secret postcard exchange started by SE'LAH of the thought provoking blog Necessary Rooms. Sure beat the rest of the mail (i.e. utility bill, mortgage statement). Thank you SE'LAH for such lovely idea. I am struck dumb that a total stranger would create something so lovely for me. One love indeed.

And extra happy because I got so many lovely comments on my last posting. As any blogger knows ,the community that is built here on line is exceptional. Invigorating, life enhancing, I could go on and on. I feel so lucky to have been able put aside my ego and allowed myself to get out here and write about what makes me glad to be alive. And then to have found so many more reasons and people and pictures and recipes that make my world bigger and tastier!


  1. ...very nice post...we are a lucky bunch to have each other....

    and your comment on the flip flops made me LAUGH !

    too funny

    sending a warm hug


  2. this is soooo wonderful...i am so excited for you. you have made my heart glad because the is the first jewel i've seen in the project.

    so glad to meet you and that you chose to join in. ;)

    one love.

  3. I love you blog and meeting new people who comment on your blog. I have also picked up some great recipes. Thanks to all.

  4. I came from SE'LAH. What a lovely project!

  5. Just calling by to say thank you so much for the lovely 'gift of jewels' card that you sent me. It arrived on Tuesday and I've left a comment at Necessary Room and blogged about it here:

    Thanks again for the jewel. It made my day to receive it. :)