Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not A Creature Was Stirring

Note to self: stop naming your picture files such obscure names. "Still January", what does that mean and what pics are in there? Where is the picture of the cat asleep on the bed that I want to pair with the picture of the dog sleeping on the couch?

As always, a silent Sunday morning here, I'm trying to be quiet but downloading pictures, icing lattes, letting the cat in and out, in and out and quietly cursing while searching for pics isn't exactly silent. And nothing is worse than opening a new blog with music in it.
Please don't do that.
Or post a warning.

Now that I have previewed the photos of the animals sleeping I am much happier. It's 8:41 and I will go read till 9:00, then wake up the troops. The day awaits, grocery shopping, a coffee, maybe some thrifting and something delicious for dinner, oh and football. And my morning check to see if the snowdrops have opened. You'll know as soon as I do.


  1. UGhhhh! I hate blogs with music! If you want to do that, go back to myspace! Is your doggie a lab? I love labs.

    Thanks so much for the kind comments! It's not that I care if people want me to eat or not, but that everyone makes such a fuss and it brings down the party. I know that they are just trying to be nice, but it makes me want to pull my hair out.

    You're lucky to have a husband that helps push you some. Mine works all of the time, so I call him my imaginary husband. I'm going to have to grab my case of raisins and head out on my own!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. I enjoyed this, I have the same problem with giving all my files some cryptic name -at the time it sounds like a good idea and I'm sure to remember. Oh well. Glad you had a quiet morning.
    Bon Sunday

  3. Cole and Josephine,She is a lab, actually a lab/pointer/angel mix. We love her.

    Bonjour,Thank you. Now I don't feel like such a novice, just a romantic. Hope you are having a beautifulSunday yourself.

  4. It seems like most of the photos I take of my little Alfie cat are when he's sleeping! So cute :) TOTALLY agree on the blogs with music... No need for it...

  5. Floralovely, I hope little alfie grows up to have better manners that Ms.Pokey has! She's cute when she's sleeping.....

  6. that is so cute!

    thanks for popping into my blog and commenting.

    Please visit again.

    I have enjoyed your posts and will be coming back.