Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Morning

In all honesty, my morning has mostly consisted of walking the dog and cleaning. Neither photo or blog worthy, tho' my kitchen floor looks great! But it's 60 degrees out ( I don't know why..) so the doors are open, the quince blossoms indoors are opening and I just had a delicious breakfast parfait.

I found the granola recipe on The Little House In The City. I skipped the coconut, not a big fan, and used sliced almonds, too lazy to chop. I only had almonds so I doubled the amount. Best granola ever, especially served in one of German girl's Heinrich china dishes. I ate the granola with yogurt and some surprisingly good blueberries.

And even though we haven't hung one thing on the newly painted walls, here is a shot of the two blues. I love the way they meet in the corners. I feel like I'm floating in here. Back down to earth, time to vacuum.

I just saw that The Little House In The City updated her granola recipe using olive oil in place of the butter. I used the butter. I probably will again.


  1. Very nice blues in your walls, they match perfectly and look lovely, and I love the vase you have in the corner, besides the red couch, everything is just beautiful.
    Muchos cariños,
    Maria Cecilia

  2. Gracias Maria Cecilia, How is your beautiful garden today?