Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wednesday night and counting

home at last. flower arrangements finished, last minute stop at whole foods, now a bath and then the turkey! this is where we rinse off the brine, cut out the backbone and marinate the two halves. love cooking the bird this way, it cooks faster, the breast stays moist and the skin browns beautifully. here are a few photos of some centerpieces from today. some like 'em blue, some like 'em orange, some like a fusion of contemporary/ traditional (?!?) . me, i like them done!


  1. Beautiful. Crazy lady, thanks for the cutest lil turkey flowers in the whole wide world!! You really didn't have to do that...was it not enough I had to ask your driver to pick up my treats? Sheesh. Have a great day tomorrow. I'm thankful for you, Nele, Marnie and the whole crazy lot. Let's talk Christmas soon!! G

  2. still haven't gotten treats, left before driver returned. excited to see wreath tomorrow and eat the bread! hope you're feeling better and can taste the food today!