Tuesday, November 24, 2009


i'm new to the world of blogging, so i have a question. do florists blog over holidays? after 10 hours on my feet, concocting table arrangements to suit everyone's budgets, candles, linens, even wall papers i'm a little tired. but i do find that thinking through my day helps to process it. my eyes are blurred after looking at all the shades of fall in berries, leaves, gourds, acorns, artichokes, lady apples, roses, hydrangea, i can barely see to type. but, german girl is home early and preparing a dinner of stir fry shrimp with snow peas (or broccoli as the case may be). then, we'll make the simple but, OH so necessary brine for the turkey. i'm going in early tomorrow, so perhaps i can take a few pics of some of today's work, before it goes off in delivery vans. seemed to me, every time i lifted my head up from an arrangement today, i was looking at a work of art another designer was creating. i'm grateful for my job, and my co-designers talents and that my beautiful partner is such a good cook.


  1. My 'blog' entry to yours... how lucky we are to enjoy the things we have, and to appreciate those who mean so much. Flowers, cooking, sharing - despite the "hassles." I was bemoaning a bad batch of cranberry bread when I saw on the news a huge crew of people distributing entire thanksgiving meal supplies to people. And there are more now than in the past. Made me really feel for them, and all of us. I have some things to share with friends, but resolve to do better with ALL.

  2. well said gwen. me too. thanks for the reminder and for understanding.