Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new kid on the block

german girl's sister, tini, moved across the street from us a week ago. she comes with a yellow lab, balu, and two cats. she is very welcome. now our lab gets twice as many walks, a buddy to race around the yard with and extra treats! we get good company, a sister to talk though the day with and lots more german sausages to eat. on sunday we grilled an assortment of meats, i made the endless sauerkraut ( but with 5 people to eat it , it was gone in one night) tini made her signature salad of spinach, garbanzo beans, red onion, avocado, tomatoes and feta cheese. for starters we had smoked salmon smoked and sent from connecticut from "the hai" father of all who is german on my street. we gave thanks for the food, the beautiful weather and our new additions. the next morning at 8:00am, tini and i went to the gym.


  1. Oh boy, doesn't THAT look good!! Where exactly is Tini living? With the military boys (can't imagine that...!)?

  2. yes ,with... the marines! actually only one, the major is off to iraq soon. you know we're missing him like crazy, but, tini is a pretty good sub.

  3. Marines are cool...Dad always said their uniforms were 'too flashy!' (he was Air Force), so I've had that influence forever. Kinda liking Army & Coast Guardies lateley; until realizing I like all guys uniformed, I guess. Thought the major wasn't going?