Monday, October 12, 2009

sunday, sweet sunday

just back from a fast trot (not my speed of choice) down and up the hill with the lab. i'm enjoying the view of the capitol, the washington monument, planes coming and going from regan national airport. it's quiet, only the 2 of us out. remembering sunday, and the equality march. tens of thousands of people in the street, chanting, singing, trying to stay ahead of the BIG yellow banner, we were sure would wrap me up and take me away. it was sunny, we all had an iced grande skim latte. when we reached the capitol, we settled ourselves on the railings surrounding grant's memorial. and we looked out at the thousands and thousands of people, of every gender and color, race and religion, who had come to demand equality for all. behind us, the streets were filled ,for blocks and blocks, with more people coming, holding banners, and balloon arches and chanting. i was humbled and awed and giddy and hungry. and hopeful, always hopeful.

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