Wednesday, October 14, 2009

alice waters: arlington needs you!

so there i was at the 7-11 about noon today trying to buy the new york times (gotta have the food section) when i realized i was surrounded by teens from one of our local high schools buying lunch. well, not really lunch, they all had a can of red bull, some were going to drink it with doughnuts, others were feasting on 7-11 chicken wings, others had some deep fried roll things filled with i don't know what. i was properly horrified, yada, yada, yada. and marched out with my times prepping a blog post in my mind. so i arrive home tonight about 6:00pm, get taken for a very brisk walk by the lab and mull over my own dinner. i had leftover chicken from a roast i had made last night. i thought about a delicious, nutritious soup filled with homemade chicken stock and lots of vegetables. got over that and decided to make chicken enchilidas. i shredded up the chicken, mixed it with a can of chopped hatch chilies, half an shredded onion, and lots of cheddar and pepper jack cheese. i spiced it up with cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper and a jalapeno from the garden. the HomesickTexan blog taught me that enchilida sauce is otherwise known as "texas gravy" and very easy to make. i softened the tortillas in the micro for a minute, poured some texas gravy in the bottom of a baking dish, had enough filling for 5, rolled them up, placed seam side in dish, covered with more "gravy" sprinkled with the mixture of cheeses, the remaining chilies, set up the rice steamer, popped the enchilidias in a 350 over for 20minutes while the rice cooked, took picture, took a big bite. double yum! doesn't look too fancy in the picture but tastes mighty fine. somehow i blame this meal on my exposure to the teens today. i did not drink,nor have i ever, a red bull. also, don't forget to season EVERYTHING with the picante sauce of choice at the flower shop," el yucateco chile habanero salsa." caliente.

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